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Once you've registered to become a member of Paladore, we, the PalaTeam, strive to protect your personal information and to keep the environment clean for all users. Any and all information collected during your time with Paladore is strictly used to manage and maintain your account. Under no circumstances will any information ever be disclosed to any person outside of the Moderation and Administrative Departments unless required by law or in relation to any legal matters.

Some of the information we collect during registration is as follows:
Username / Registered Name
Password *
IP Address & Location
Date of Birth

* All passwords are encrypted for your protection. None of the PalaTeam members will ever be able to review your password(s). Because we look out for our members and the protection of their membership to Paladore, we ask that all passwords be changed frequently. Never use the same password that you use for other sites, since if that password is discovered, all the accounts using that password would be at risk. Make sure your password contains letters, numbers and other characters to ensure a good, complicated and hard-to-guess password.

To play Paladore, you need to be 13 years of age or older; otherwise, you will need to have parental permission. We ask users to submit their date of birth, so we can ensure this criteria is met. Entering false information for this stage of the process will result in the banning of the account.

Because we strive to uphold an entertaining, clean and protected community, we ask that all members be respectful towards each other when it comes to personal information. If anyone ever feels threatened for any reason, please contact us immediately through our Support Ticket system. We will respond to tickets as soon as possible.

With regard to user friendly reminders, warnings, fines, and/or bans, we will not disclose any information to other members outside of the GM Team for your privacy.

The PalaTeam requests that members of Paladore keep information regarding their personal life to themselves. This information ranges from phone numbers and addresses to passwords and even emails. While we will do what it takes to ensure a protected community, we cannot force any member to not disclose personal information to others. If any member chooses to disclose personal information for any reason, we cannot be held responsible for any events which may later arise.

We at Paladore appreciate your membership and consideration. As always, don't forget that our support system is always available to all members for any reason. If you feel that you need to reach us, please do not hesitate to do so.

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