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I. Introduction
Paladore is a Virtual Pet Site/RPG site that strives to provide a safe and secure service. Users may register an account to interact with other users and features in Paladore for free. Paladore is a site that accommodates users of all appropriate ages. Within the bounds of the law, we restrict all under-aged users from various areas of the site.

Before accessing this site or any related pages of this site, you must agree to the Rules and Terms Of Use set out on this page. Once you have created an account, you agree to abide by all rules and terms of use.

The Terms of Use may be changed, modified and amended at any time without prior notice to its users, sponsors and/or advertisers. Users are encouraged to read the Rules and Terms of Use regularly. If you are using this site, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms.

II. We reserve the right to:
- Change the service provided to any user at any time.
- Delete, modify or terminate the use of anything to do with this site. This includes Paladore as a whole, with no compensation for purchased goods.
- Change any fees and/or charges for the service of this site.
- Change the equipment, hardware, software, advertisements and sponsors directly involved with the site.
- Suspend, block and/or delete users of the site, including, but not limited to, all accounts and IP Addresses.
- Make actions against malicious or questionable behaviour whether or not the offense(s) have been listed in our TOU, Privacy Policy or Rules pages.

III. Trademark & Copyright:
This site, its services, accounts, pali, images, audio, games, articles, writing and names are property of and are copyrighted by Paladore. When you register for an account, you do not own the account, pali, items, any of the account and/or site content, or the digital fantasy currency. They are for you to use during your time on the site. You are not allowed to give away, trade, auction or sell any part of your account or your account as a whole for any other virtual/real life currencies.

You may not copy, modify, reproduce, reverse engineer, upload, post or transmit the content of this site, which includes but is not limited to: items and other account possessions, games, pali, content, plots, stories, user names, site names, characters and Paladore itself. You may use images, names and other content of Paladore for non-commercial use only providing you add "Copyrighted by Paladore, All rights reserved." and link directly to This must be displayed on every page of your site that you use this material, along with the note that content is used with permission, and it must be fully readable from any device (computer, mobile phone, etc.).

Any other use of these services/materials, which includes but is not limited to: endorsements, paid or free advertisements, third party links and/or inappropriate sites, is strictly forbidden and is seen as theft of material. This is non-negotiable, and we reserve the right to prosecute those who seek to use materials that are strictly copyrighted by Paladore for profitability without the written AND verbal consent of Paladore, LLC. Offenders will have their accounts banned and may be subjected to criminal charges.

IV.The Data You Submit:
You, the user (and your legal guardians if you are under the age of 18), give us at Paladore the rights to use any data, ideas, and suggestions that you submit or upload to the site. You grant us a non-verbal, exclusive, non-reversible right to republish, modify, transmit, change and/or edit any of the aforementioned materials. All information we receive from you may automatically become property of Paladore, including site related art, written work, coding and other related information or resources.

V. Accessibility:
In order to play this site, users are required to be 13 years of age or older. Users under the age of 13 must have a parent or guardian send a written parental permission form stating you have their permission to play on Paladore. If at any time we believe you have falsely submitted information into your registration page we will ban the account until proven otherwise.

We reserve the right to deny the use of this site to any user for any reason. We reserve the right to change, edit, block and modify any account for any reason we see fit. This site is a free service, and its use is a privilege not a right.

VI. One Account Only:
Each user is allowed ONE (1) account only. You are not allowed to abandon one account and create another account to change user names and or starter Pali or for any other reason. Your account is for life.

When you create an account, you agree that the account is to be accessed by you and only you. Users may not "share" accounts and may not work together in "teams" or "groups" or any other kind of way to gain an unfair advantage over other users. You accept all responsibility for your account and accept that it is your duty to make sure your account is secure. Accounts that are accessed by unauthorized personnel will immediately be banned.

VII. Cash Shop/Crystal Shop Terms:
The Cash Shop is a shop which allows users to buy items for Crystals. In order to obtain Crystals, the user must purchase Crystals using U.S. Dollars. The Crystals are automatically credited to your account once purchased, and the user can then use those crystals to buy items from the Cash Shop. We use the payment service of PayPal, which takes care of all transactions from your account to ours, using the latest security measures in order to protect your account.

By purchasing crystals from Paladore, you agree to the terms listed below.
1) We reserve the right to change, update, terminate, close and/or disband the service of Cash Shop items at any time. This includes, but is not limited to: the termination of certain items (no longer working), changing an item's stats and features (I.E. what it does), and also updating the images which represent the item. We also reserve the right to change the amount of Crystals given for each Authorized U.S Dollar.

2) By purchasing Crystals, you give your express permission for us to store data regarding your purchase. This information will remain with Paladore only. We may use the data to help locate mishaps in transactions, as well as verifying and tracing any intrusions to the system. We will not give/sell your information to 3rd Party Applicants. However, in the event that illegal transactions/chargeback are made, we may be forced to take legal action using the information you have provided to us. If a user files a Chargeback after receiving their crystals, their account will automatically be banned until the issue is resolved. Once the Chargeback has been resolved the user will receive their account back.

3) All Cash Shop items are property of Paladore. They cannot be sold, exchanged or traded for other virtual currencies or real currencies outside of Paladore. Doing so will leave you to be liable for criminal damages to Paladore. All Cash Shop items are the property of Paladore.

4) NO REFUNDS. We have a strict and firm policy on No-Refunds. We will not under any circumstances refund you your money. If your account is hacked or is prone to a glitch that deletes/erases your Crystals/Cash Shop items, we will do our best to help you regain your Cash Shop Items/Crystals, but at our discretion. We reserve the right not to refund or give back any items to your account for any reason. If your account is banned (Put to Sleep) or otherwise inaccessible, we will not return your items/Crystals. This also includes if services are terminated/disabled for any reason, including Paladore as a whole.

5) You agree to account for any charges incurred by you or your child (if applicable) in the use of this service. This includes, but is not limited to, charges occurred through illegal transactions, tax increments and/or legal fees. You agree and accept that we will not be liable or responsible for any charges or fees made from your Bank or Credit Card provider during transactions to Paladore services or payment service providers we choose to use.

VIII. Editing Site/Terms/Rules:
We reserve the right to change and/or edit any user information as we see fit. This includes account statistics, character/pet statistics, usernames, pet names and more. We reserve the right to give/take away items and points from accounts, alter any other account details and/or erase account details. We also reserve the right to edit the terms of use/rules with or without notice.

IX. Bugs and Glitches:
If you find a bug or glitch, you are required to report it immediately to staff either by using a User Support Ticket or the Bug Centre. If a glitch or bug is site wide we will not redeem any lost items and or any part thereof within a user's account. We may reimburse users in some other way to compensate for their loss if it is site wide and depending on the severity of the loss. If a bug or glitch is solely base on your account only, we will do our best to fix the issue and will look at ways to compensate you for your loss whether by returning your lost items, pali, etc to you or by some other means of compensation.

X. Originality:
This site is a Virtual Pet Site/RPG and may contain elements which may or may not be similar to those contained in other games. Paladore is an original production and all ideas come from the staff, its members and/or programmers. This site is not in any way affiliated with any other game and/or company. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

XI. Online Conduct:
All laws and regulations are also implemented into Paladore, and you agree to respect and agree to these laws as you access Paladore. You are responsible for your account and the communication between the service of Paladore. The general outline of rules must be followed at all times whilst playing the site:

XII. Rules of Paladore:
The Rules of Paladore Can be viewed at the Rules Page.

XIII. Staff of Paladore: The paid staff members are termed as independent contractors who receive monetary payment based on work they performed. Those that are not paid are seen as volunteers and give their time for free or may be given regularly scheduled site currency payment in reward for their hard work. These staff members may terminate their services at any time and are not required to do anything they don't want to do. They all work from their own residence and use their own equipment and are not considered employees of Paladore.

XV. Legal Notice:
By playing this site, you agree you cannot hold Paladore responsible for the liability arising from any legal issues. You may not attempt, threaten or try to sue Paladore or its staff. You agree not to hold Paladore, its staff, advertisers, attorneys, employees, independent contractors, volunteers and employers responsible for any loss, claim or expense including attorney fees, theft of personal information and/or the loss of service to your user account including but not limited to: Cash Shop items, general items and account possessions, virtual currencies and pets.

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