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Want to work for Paladore? The site staff is largely made up of volunteer players who enjoy the game so much they want to help shape its future. Being a part of Paladore's Staff allows you to share your ideas and opinions to help make the game more appealing to all types of users. Being on Staff allows you to participate in staff meetings, discuss upcoming features and ideas, gain valuable experience in working on an online game, and also allows your ideas to reach many other players.

If you are interested in working for the site, you can apply below to any of the job openings we have available. These positions are all volunteer but we are looking for users who care deeply about the site and want to use their spare/free time to help make the site a better place. Of course we are always looking for active users, but also we want people who can communicate well with other people, are able to take criticism and be opinionated. We love users with ideas and even more so those who have a great eye for virtual pet mechanisms.

Job Openings

Position: GM (Game Moderator)
Details: A GM or Game Moderator will be required to be able to devote a certain amount of time each day to monitor the forums and the Shoutbox. GMs need to have a good knowledge of the site, so that they can answer user questions and help both new and old players alike. Some qualities needed to perform this job would be: the ability to handle pressure and criticism to enable you to deal with all types of users, and the ability to listen to user suggestions with an open mind and respectful manner. As GMs are expected to interact frequently with players, active and talkative users would be the best fit for this position. Good communication skills are also vital to this position both with the users and staff. It is required that you have Skype access when applying.

We will announce on the news when we are looking for new staff positions. All applications will be looked at by multiple staff members. When we finish the hiring process, we will let everyone know via the news. Please do not be put off by not being accepted. We have many users who apply for staff positions and we can only choose a finite number of people. No doubt there will always be opportunities that arise so keep a look out if you really want to work with us.

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