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Newbie Guide By Chimeric


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1.0 Welcome to Paladore!
- 1.1 Basic Terminology
- 1.2 Getting Your First Pali
- 1.3 Navigation
- 1.4 Apps
2.0 Making Money
- 2.1 Casino
- 2.2 Quests
- 2.3 Opening Shop
3.0 Pali
- 3.1 Getting Pali
- 3.2 Stats
- 3.3 Honours
4.0 Palia
- 4.1 Parties
- 4.2 RPG Quests
5.0 Professions
- 5.1 Mining
- 5.2 Fishing
- 5.3 Alchemy
6.0 Palapees
- 6.1 Obtaining
- 6.2 Training
- 6.3 Battling
7.0 Community
8.0 FAQ

First let me extend a gigantic welcome. You're going to have a lot of fun here! But you're probably a little shell-shocked; there's a lot to do on this website.

Well, never fear; that's what this guide is for! There's simply too much involved on Paladore for me to get in to everything, but I'm going to touch on some of the key points.

Active - Your current Active Pali
Flutes - Refers to Palamorph Flutes; these are needed to morph your Pali.
Lucier - The moon; when it's full, you can morph your Pali!
Paladin - Your human avatar.
Paladore - The website; also the name of the world in which you're currently playing.
Palamorph - The act of morphing your Pali to its next level.
Pali - The creatures that you can collect and train in Paladore.
Palia - The RPG area of the site.
Polora - Currently, the only Island accessible to Paladins!

You must visit Serabi's Cave in order to claim your first Pali. You will be given a choice among Watul, Leow, Grasillia, and Lumidile.

Don't worry if you can't choose; eventually you'll be able to get all of the starters!


Under the Top Banner is a row of drop down menu for easier navigation of the site. Here you can see what all those links are and a brief overview of their contents. The Main link is in Bold and Underlined while the links in the dropdown list are in Italics.

World - Takes you to the World Map. Here you can access many different areas of Paladore including Quests, the Palamall, and the Dark Hole.
- Updates - This is where all the News is posted. When a news update is available, it will say new news above the World navigation.
- World - Gives you access to the World Map.
- Adventure - Gives you access to the Adventure Area. All players start with the Moody Rock Adventure being available. The next map can be found as a random bonus item when you complete the task and select a Treasure Chest. For more information about Adventures, check out the Adventure Guide.
- Palia - Gives you access to the rpg portion of Paladore. For more information on Palia, check section 4 of this guide.

- Garden - Gives you access to the Garden where you can plant different crops to earn rubies. You can unlock new plants as you level up.
- Palapedia - The Palapedia has lots of information about Paladore. If you are looking for answers, try here. It also has User Guides for different areas of the site.
- Item Database - The Item Database is the place to go when you are looking for information on items. You can search for items by their Name, Rarity or Item Type.
- Premium Area - This can only be seen and accessed if you have Premium Days available. The Premium Area includes access to Pali Renaming, Shoutbox Colourizer, Premium Scratchcards and allows you to participate in any Beta testing that might be occuring on site.

Pali  - Takes you to your active Pali. Here you can play with your Pali, access or edit its profile, or remove abilities.
- Palabase - Gives you access to the Palabase. Any Pali you see in the RPG or catch is automatically added to the Palabase along with information on the Pali such as description, locations and what level it Palamorphs (if applicable).
- Palapees - Palapees are smaller creatures you can train or play with. For more information on Palapees, see section 6 of this guide.
- Pali Trades - Here you can trade your Pali for other Pali, Rubies or items. For more information on Pali Trading, see section 3 of this guide.
- Battle Squad - Here is the group of Pali (up to 3) that will be used when you are fighting in Palia. You can remove Pali from your Battle Squad here.
- Research Lab - The Reseach Lab is the place to look for anything Palapee related!
- Pali Rankings - Here you can see the strongest Pali on the site. You can also search for Pali based on their name, species or their owner.

Paladin - Here you can create your Human Avatar (Paladin) and dress them up. You will need to add items to your closet from your inventory.
- Your Paladin - This is where you can create or dress up your Paladin.
- Inventory - This is where all the items you find or purchase are stored. It shows a max of 100 items at a time.
- Storage - Here you can store any items you dont want in your inventory.
- Treasure Chest - You can show off items here. You can add categories to your treasure chest to sort your items.
- Bank - Here you can store your rubies so they are safe from Random Events. You can also collect interest, transfer rubies or take on bank quests here.
- Collections - Here you can see all the items you have added to your collection and collect rewards for collecting so many items.
- Your Shop - You can sell any extra items here. For more information on Your Shop, see section 2.
- Shop Search - Here you can search for any item you wish at the lowest prices.
- Trading House - You can sell your wares in bulk at the Trading House. You can have a max of 10 items per trade and a max of 10 trades.
- Wishlist - Here you can make a wishlist of items you want. To add items to your wishlist, click the + sign next to the item name from Collections or the Quick Search App.

Games - Click this to see the various flash games Paladore has to offer.
- Flash Games - Play one of 16 different flash games here.
- Casino - The Casino has more games to play such as Scratchcards, Slots and other games of chance.
- Challenges - Here you can see any Usertitles you have unlocked and see how to unlock others.
- Professions - Clicking this will take you to the Mining Profession Page. From there, you can also access the Alchemy and Fishing Professions. For more information on Professions, see secion 5.
- Quests - Here you can earn rubies and items by finding items the NPCs need. For more information on Questing, see section 2.
- Honours - Honours are awards your Pali can earn. For more information about Honours, see section 3.
- High Scores - Here you can see the highest scores for the different games. You can see them based on this month, all time or your friends.

Site - Here are your account settings. You can change your icon, label, and update information here. It also includes your referral link and profile code.
- User Support - If you need account support or have a question for staff, here is the place to send in a ticket.
- Cash Shop - You can purchase Premium, Legendary items and other Cash Shop items here.
- Referral Shop - Here you can spend the Referral Points your referrals have earned for you.
- AppBar Store - The AppBar Store is a place to add or remove Apps from your AppBar. For more on Apps, see section
- Settings - This is where your account settings are located.
- Palamail - Here is where you can send or receive messages. It also includes your friend list.

Forum - Here you can access all Forum related areas of Paladore.
- Forum Main - The main Forum page where you can see all the different forum sections.
- Forum Settings - Here you can change your Avatar and update your Signature with a different Usertitle.
- Forum Code - Here you can see the codes used to bold text, add spoilers and such. It also lists the Smilies and their codes.
- Forum Rules - Here you can see the Rules of Paladore. Be sure to keep them in mind while on the site.
- Newest Post - You can see the latest posts from here as well as a link to the topic where it was posted.
- Newest Topic - You can see the latest topics created here and click them to access that topic.

Power Button - The Power Button allows you to log out of the site.

1.4 Apps
The AppBar holds different Apps that can be used on Paladore. Each App has a specific function which will be explained below. You may have up to three Apps open at one time.

To add Apps to your App Bar list, go to the App Bar Store. To add or remove Apps from your App Bar, go to Your Apps and click enable or disable.
Default Apps - These Apps are automatically on your App Bar when you join.
- Helpful Holly will give you tips or advice for the page. She does not have advice for all pages.
- The Shoutbox is the place to go to chat with other players instantly.
- Quick Search allows you to search for things from different areas. You can search Users, Pali, Items, Palapee or Palapedia Articles.
- Notifications allows you to see when players ping you on forum topics (@Username), send you items, make or accept offers on trades, bank transactions or friend requests.

Free Apps - These Apps are free to all player and can be added to the App Bar.
- The Seeker App allows you to search the page for a hidden item. At times the news might say there are hidden items or give a trivia with clues to where the item is hidden. Use the Seeker App to find them.

Purchasable Apps - These Apps cost Crystals to purchase. The cost can be found at the App Bar Store.
- Auto Quester will allow you to complete your quests quicker. When on a quest, open the App and click Search Storage & Usershop. If the item is available, it will be retrieved and added to your inventory. If not, it will say the item is unable to be found. If the item is unable to be found you can then click, Buy from Market. If the item is able to be found in the Market, it will display the price on the item. Click Purchase to buy the item.
- Auto Pricer will allow you to automatically price your shop one ruby lower than the cheapest on the market. Items not found on the Market will remain priced at 0 rubies. This App can only be used once every 6 hours.
- Quicklinks will allow you to store up to 20 links. To add a page, open the App and click Add to Quicklinks. To remove a link, Click the X after the name on the link.


 Money makes the world go 'round, right?
There are two forms of currency in Paladore: rubies () and crystals (). Rubies are used across the site to purchase items from shops, and heal your Pali. Crystals are used in the Cash Shop and can be purchased from the Cash Shop, or from other users.

Since rubies are the predominant currency in Paladore, this guide refers to them!

Probably your best bet for making easy money is the Casino! With cheap, easy-to-play games like Higher or Lower and Moniki Flip you'll be making rubies in no time.

{Also see the Questing Palapedia Article!}

Once you've stopped by the casino and racked up some rubies, you might want to consider doing some of the quests Paladore has to offer.

Hungry Bob - I highly recommend starting with these quests! He usually asks for common food items, and gives between 1-800 rubies as an award. As a general rule of thumb, I wouldn't spend any more than 350 rubies in order to make a profit. He'll also give you free food if you have less than 20,000 rubies.

Darkness Quests - These quests can only be completed when it's dark on Paladore - between the times of 9pm-3am PaST. While Keke can ask for some very expensive items, occasionally you'll get a cheap one thrown in there, too. Again, I wouldn't spend more than 300-350 rubies on her quests, but she can reward as high as 2000 rubies.

Palapee Quests - These quests aren't great for earning rubies, but they can help raise your Palapee's stats! (See section 6 for more information on Palapees) I wouldn't spend more than 250-300 rubies per item. Rewards consist of random stats, Palapee weapons, and rubies.

Amanda's Quests - I definitely wouldn't start tackling Amanda's Quests until you've already padded your bank account a little bit. She asks for 3 items of varying rarity (between 1 and 90), and she rewards both items and rubies in return.

Buck's Quests - Save Buck for when you've got a healthy bank account! He asks for rarer items, and he'll reward you in either items or rubies.

Brandon's Quests - I would recommend saving up some rubies before starting Brandon's quests. He only asks for electronics or musical items between rarity 1 and 99 and rewards both items and up to 6k rubies.

Bank Quests - Bank Quests are not a normal quest. Instead of finding a particular item, you will be asked to restock items. You will be given a number up to 500. Your task is to restock items who's rarities add up to the target number within 10 minutes. If you complete this task in the timeframe, any rubies you spent completing the task will be rewarded to you. Basically you can earn items for free if you complete it within the time limit. This quest can only be completed once every 60 minutes from the last time you started one.


You're going to accumulate items very quickly as you play this game - and what better a way to offload some of your random stuff than to sell it?

Opening a shop is completely free. Shops have an unlimited amount of space so you can sell as many items as you wish!

If you think pricing all those items by hand is going to be a pain, you always have the option of purchasing the Auto Pricer from the App Store!

3.0 PALI

These are probably the whole reason you're playing this game right now.

Pali is the collective term for the 260+ creatures that currently inhabit Paladore. Each Pali has an Elemental typing which is strong or weak against other types when battling. Check out the Elemental Guide for further information on the Elemental Breakdown.
You can view the Pali you've come across in your Palabase. The Pali you've captured can be viewed in your Looking Glass; from here, you can select an active Pali; add a Pali to your Battle Squad; edit your Pali's profile; remove battle abilities; switch the category that Pali is stored in; or disown the Pali.


There are three main methods of obtaining Pali in Paladore.

Perhaps the most popular method, wild Pali can be battled and captured in Palia. At the end of a battle you may be notified that the Pali would like to join you. Click on the link that allows you to capture the Pali. Once you've given your new buddy a name, it's yours! You can find them in your Battle Squad if you do not already have 3 Pali in it. Otherwise, it will be in the active category in your Looking Glass.

The chance of having a Pali ask to join you is random, and it tends to vary according to each Pali.

Note: If you're interrupted at any time in that process, you can access your capture queue here. If you think you've caught a Pali but they're not showing up in your Looking Glass, try that link! But beware - Pali in your queue will disappear once another Pali wishes to join you, and you won't be able to capture the previous one after that!

Besides Palia, Adventuring in Paladore gives you a random chance of encountering a Pali - some Pali can only be captured in Adventure!

Once you complete an Adventure and have chosen a treasure box, you may notified that you've found a Pali. You'll be given the option to Lure it or Capture it; it's generally recommended you Lure first. Capturing Pali in Adventure can be very difficult, so one tactic is to open the treasure chest near the turn of the hour, so that you can use your energy reset to Lure it! Pali found in adventure have a 10 minute window to attempt to capture them so plan accordingly.


A third option is to browse the Pali currently in the Pali Trades. While people offering rarer Pali will generally want a rare/high-leveled Pali in return, you may be able to trade for a common Pali that you wouldn't be able to capture until later in the game. Also, if you keep your eye on the shoutbox, a lot of people will offer Pali that they've recently caught!

Note: You may trade Pali for Paladore currency and items. However all Pali trades must include a Pali. You can always offer easy to catch Pali such as Knishe, Psyig or Clawster to the trade.


Palamorphing is the act of transforming your Pali to its next evolved stage, if it has one. There are three requirements that need to be fulfilled:

1. Your Pali must be at the correct level in order to morph. You can find this by viewing its Palabase page.
2. You must have the correct palamorph flute. Flutes are obtainable as drops in Palia, rewards in Adventure, for sale in User Shops, or in the Trading House. Be aware flutes are type-matched, so in order to morph a Fire Pali, you'll need a Fire Palamorph Flute.
3. Lucier must be full. She'll turn full randomly thoughout the day, but she stays full for an entire hour - so be on the lookout especially at the turn of the hour!

Once all three of these requirements have been met, set the Pali you'd like to morph as your active, make sure you have the flute in your inventory, and visit Lucier!

The only except to this rule is when morphing with a Destiny Palamorph Flute. A Destiny Palamorph Flute is a Cash Shop item that acts like all the types of Flutes. In addtion to acting like any flute, Lucier does not need to be full. The Pali must still be at the correct level though.

Unless you're battling in Palia, Stats don't really apply - but if you are battling in Palia, you're going to want to read this very carefully!

Each Pali has 7 Stats:
HP - health. Your Pali is unable to battle when this is 0.
MP - magic. Your Pali cannot use magic-based skills when this is 0.
Strength - determines the power of strength-based skills.
Defence - determines your Pali's resistance to strength-based skills.
Magic Attack - determines the power of magic-based skills.
Magic Defence - determines your Pali's resistance to magic-based skills.
Luck - not currently in use.

Every time your Pali levels up in Palia, they'll earn 20 SP. Click this icon in order to assign those SP!:

Physical, Neutral and Rock Pali need only Strength, because their skills are Strength-based.
There are exceptions to the rules. Some Neutral attacks are Magic-based. Haste and Slow are Magic-based but do not depend on your Magic Attack. Holy Star (a Cash Shop item from December 2011), Heal and Heal All (a Cash Shop item from February 2012) are also Magic-based and their strength is dependent on your Pali's Magic Attack stat.
All Pali types can use Neutral attacks.

All other Pali need only Magic Attack, because their skills are Magic-based.

There are two primary strategies for raising defensive stats. One strategy is giving all Pali equal points in Defence and Magic Defence. Most players recommend either 100 or 150 in each stat.

The other strategy is to forego defensive and go for all out attacking. This means you will do more damage but also take more damage. Both are viable means of spending your stat points and depends on your playing strategy.


Pali Honours are a number of titles your Pali can earn. They're awarded every Sunday, and then reset for the next week.

Top Fighter - Most kills in Palia

Top Fed - Your Active Pali gains points for every food item it eats. The points gained are based on the items rarity. Items over R99 give 1 point. You can only feed your Pali once every 6 hours. 

Happiest Pali - The Pali that's played with the most. You can play with your Pali once every 6 hours.

Most Famous - This Pali has the highest Heroism at the end of the week. Each user can award Heroism to a Pali once a day, by clicking on that Pali's profile.

Destroyer - Your Active Pali gains points for every item you destroy in your inventory. The points gained are based on the items rarity. Items over R99 give 1 point.

Most Intellegent - Your Active Pali gains points for every book you read to it. The points gained are based on the items rarity. Items over R99 give 1 point. You can only have your Pali read a book once every 6 hours. 

Most Talented - You Pali gains points from every musical item it plays with. The points gained are based on the items rarity. Items over R99 give 1 point. You can only have your Pali play a musical instrument once every 6 hours. 

Most Beautiful - You Pali gains points for every grooming item it uses. The points gained are based on the items rarity. Items over R99 give 1 point. You can only groom your Pali once every 6 hours.


By now you've heard quite a lot about Palia. What is this place, you may ask? Well - Palia is really the meat and potatoes of this website. It's an RPG area that allows you to explore the land, capture Pali, and complete quests. There's also a main storyline that awards you with a nice, shiny trophy once you complete it.

When you first log-in to Palia, notice the icons in the upper-lefthand corner - these are important!
- Heal! Costs Rubies depending on the damage your team has taken, but it will fully restore your Battle Squad's HP and MP.
  - Manage Battle Squad. This will flash when you have SP to assign! Here's where you can assign stat points and remove abilities.
  - Party. This will flash when you have party invites! Here you can view your invites, create a party, or view the activity of the party you're currently in.
  - RPG Quest. You can view the details of the quest you're currently on.
  - Battle Squad. Links to your Battle Squad, where you can remove Pali or change their order.
  - Pali Rankings. Links to Pali Rankings, a searchable list of all player owned Pali.


Parties can be formed among anyone - you don't have to be on the same map, working on the same quest, or even the same level!

The main benefit of parties is their 2x EXP reward! If you kill a Pali after someone else in your party does, you'll be awarded twice the exp!

To find a party, pop in to the Shoutbox and ask around.

You'll come across a number of quests in Palia - although you can only accept one quest at a time!

Quests will reward you with new abilities for your Pali, exp, access to new maps, or rubies.

{Also see the Palapedia Article on this topic!}

As though there wasn't enough to do in this site, as it was.

Paladore currently offers three professions, plus a gardening game. Each profession involves completing a task; once the task is successfully completed, you're awarded with Profession Points, which can be used to purchase stronger skills and othere items from the Professions Shop.

You'll also be awarded a random Professions Item, some of which are required ingredients for crafting rare items!

And of course, there's a random chance that you'll level-up in your profession. Higher levels tend to make completing the tasks easier, and the rewards better!

Each Professions task can be completed only once an hour, and while you can do any of the professions, you can only complete one type of profession an hour.


Mining involves clicking on rocks to reveal what lays underneath them. You can examine a rock every 30 seconds, and when you first begin there are 50 rocks to look under. Every 2 levels removes a rock.

Mining tends to be a favorite of those users who like to multi-task - just don't forget to come back to it every 30 seconds!


In order to Fish, you're given an option of fishing spots. Within each you must attempt 3 different rods with 3 different baits - equating in 9 different combinations per fishing location! - and when you first begin, you're given the option of 18 different fishing locations. However, there's no time limit between attempts, as there is with Mining.

Fishing tends to be the least favorite profession, since it tends to take so long to find the fish!


Alchemy involves guessing the correct sequence of potions to add to a pot. Every time you guess incorrectly, you must wait 30 seconds and then begin over again!

Alchemy tends to be a favorite repeat profession, because it's quite easy to write down the correct sequences.

{Also see the Palapedia Article on this topic!}

Palapees are little critters that - like Pali - can be trained to battle. You automatically have 4 default slots for Palapees though additional slots may be purchased from the Cash Shop via the Palapee Key item.

At the beginning of the game, you're given the choice among the Torlul, Creepor, and Raptore palapees.

However, that's not the only way to get them!

You can find different Palapees in your Garden, depending on the plants you're growing.

The Palapee Pen is a place to adopt abandoned Palapees. Sometimes you might get lucky and find a rare one!


The Training Centre allows you to raise the stats of your Palapees, for a cost.

You can choose a stat to train - however, you cannot raise a stat to over 3x your Palapee's level! In order to train beyond this limit, you'll need to purchase a Palapee Level Up Fruit.

Additionally, completing Palapee Quests can reward your active Palapee with stat increases!


It seems kind of cruel to send those little guys into the fray of battle, doesn't it...

Well, there's a Palapee Arena in which you can do exactly that. There are 2 default competitors in there to begin with, but there are others hidden around the site to unlock.

To equip Palapee weapons, go to the item in your inventory and select the option to equip it to your Palapee. Then select the Palapee you'd like to equip it to.

Palapees have strength brackets which determine the ammount of damage they inflict per attack icon. For more information see the Palapee Strength Brackets Guide.

So now you have a basic overview of what's involved here at Paladore. You've seen the adorable creatures available for capture, gotten a taste of the many, many, many things you can do on an hourly basis here - well. The community is the best part.

If you haven't already, I strongly urge you to open up your shoutbox by clicking the blue button on your App bar at the bottom of the screen, there. Pop in, say hello - please! We're all very nice, and we very much like to see our newbies get involved. <3

Because Paladore is a relatively new site, it's really easy to find some little way to contribute - in a way that makes a huge difference. Consider adding to the guides I've linked to in the making of this newbie guide. Search through the Forums a little bit more, find a niche to settle in to; you'll have a much more enjoyable experience because of it!

8.0 FAQ
{Also see Paladore's official FAQ!}

Q: I can't see my character!
A: Before your character - a "Paladin" - shows up, you must create one!

Q: What are those numbers after my username?
A: Those are Challenge or Title Points. =) View the Challenge page to see how to unlock more titles and make that number next to your name go up!



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