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Site Rules

Paladore Site Rules

We reserve the right to change the rules at any time. Any changes we make to the rules we will announce via the news. If you do not agree with any of the rules, please do not play the site. These rules are here to protect the staff and users, so please respect them!

Welcome to our Rules Page! Unless otherwise stated, all of the following rules apply to all areas of the site. The breaking of any rule of will result in either Fines Of Rubies, Jailing or Banning of your account. Be sure to read through all the rules so you are up to date on everything in Paladore. If you have a question, or are confused about a rule and what it means, feel free to contact User Support.

When you break a rule, you may receive one of the following punishments:

Friendly Private/Public Reminder - These are merely given out to users who have broken rules as a fair reminder to follow those rules. These may be either given out privately or publicly, depending on the situation.

Private/Public Warning - Warnings are of a more serious tone when compared to a reminder. Staff will hand these out to rule breakers if we feel our rules are being ignored, purposely crossed, or if we feel otherwise necessary depending on a users behavior or actions.

Fines - Fines are more commonly handed out with warnings or solitary if a rule breaker is in need of a way to remember our rules more clearly with total respect and understanding. Fine rates may range from 500 rubies up to 10,000+, depending on the actions made by the rule breaker. These will still be given out disregarding whether or not you have that amount on your account. If you have 0, and are fined 500 rubies, you will be in the negative of -500 rubies. Each rule has a general fine rate listed below. However, this is especially at the staffs discretion.

Jail Time - Jail is the last form of punishment before being banned. A user can be jailed for either breaking a serious rule or consistently breaking rules that they have been repeatedly fined for. When a user is jailed, they cannot post in the forums, shoutbox or user profiles. They may also receive an automatic fine of 1,000+ Rubies on top of the fine for breaking the rule. Jail Time is usually dependent on the rule(s) that is broken or otherwise at the Staff member's discretion.

 Site Suspension - This punishment is a temporary ban. A user can be banned from one day up to 30 days depending on the severity of the rule broken. This form of punishment will only be used if you have served jail time and continue to break the same rule.

Full Banned - We consider this stage to be "the final straw". When a user is banned they can no longer use his or her account. A banned account will remain banned unless otherwise stated. If your account is banned, you may not make/borrow/use another account. All accounts including the initial account associated with the user will be banned. You can be banned for consistantly breaking the rules, abusing glitches and any reason the staff deem "banworthy".


The Site Rules

Cheating, Scamming, and Hacking - Cheating, scamming, and hacking is defined by us as: those who attempt to gain an unfair advantage. Cheating, scamming, and hacking may include, but is not limited to:

  • Abusing glitches found on site. If you find a glitch on site, report it immediately. For a minor glitch, please report it in the Bug Centre. For a serious glitch, please send in a User Support Ticket. Ignorance is not an excuse and any glitch abused will result in punishments.
  • Attempting or Gaining Access to another user's account. 
  • Attempting to scam users out of items, currencies, or Pali is also not allowed. 
  • Using programs to gain an unfair advantage. Any other technique or method that can be used to cheat or gain and unfair advantage.


Forum Rules 

  • Spamming on the forums is not allowed. Spamming consists of posting messages which are not relevant or related to the topic, posts that contribute nothing to the conversation, or posting the same message over and over again
  • Please see individual forums for specific forum rules about bumping and double posting
  • Posting in ALL CAPS IS NOT ALLOWED and neither is PoStInG LiKe ThIs. Please keep your post under 50% caps.


Shoutbox Rules 

  • Posting the same message over and over again is not allowed.
  • Posting many short posts that could be posted together in a single post is not allowed.
  • Excessive use of only smilies is not allowed
  • Advertising - which includes buying and selling of items, trading of Pali, or asking for heroism votes - is allowed, provided you do not post these messages several times in a row; We request you keep it to a maximum of three times in a 60 minute time frame. 
  • Begging for items/rubies/Pali will not be tolerated. This includes asking for free items and asking for items to be placed in the Dark Hole.
  • Do not beg for Mod contests/Seeker games. They will be held at the GM's discretion. 
  • Attempts to get around the Shoutbox filter are not allowed.
  • Excessive Whining or Complaining will result in a time out of up to 24 hours. Excessive whining and complaining consists of constantly complaining about the same thing over and over, complaining about multiple things repeatedly or making users feel uncomforatable with the complaints. It also includes such things as complaining about contests or giveaways or not winning the item you truly wanted.


General Site Conduct and Content 

  • Under no circumstances is a user allowed to use inappropriate language (swearing , profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, abusive or foul words) anywhere on site. Acronyms such as "wth" are allowed. Using asterisks and/or symbols to cover over inappropriate/banned words is not allowed. This also includes leaving profanity in your posts when you know a filter will catch it.
  • Offsite linking is allowed on Paladore. However, you visit them at your own risk as we cannot moderate them.
  • Posting offensive content in any form will not be tolerated anywhere on site.
  • Discussions involving illegal activity are not allowed anywhere on the site, this includes, but is not limited to: drugs, sex, alcohol, committing a crime, harming of self or others. We acknowledge that there may be times when a user, of age, will post "I am drunk" or comments to this effect. This would not be a warnable offense; unless a user does it consistently, upon being asked to stop by a GM.
  • Users may not abuse the report user function, user support, user suggestions, and the bug center. Using these tools frivolously, intentionally wasting staff time, or submitting fake reports is not allowed in any situation.
  • Discussing bans/warnings/friendly reminders is not allowed anywhere on site. Please use the User support to discuss any issues you may have in regards to any ban/warning/friendly reminder you may have received.
  • Players may ask for a collateral that both parties agree on when lending items or Pali. 
  • Players may not charge users for the lending of items or Pali.
  • If you see something that needs to be reported, report it. Do not take matters into your own hands.
  • Posting Bug Errors/Glitches on the Shout Box or the Forums is not allowed. Please use the User Support System or Bug Center to report them.


Respect - We ask that you respect all users and staff at all times. Breaking the Respect rule includes:

  • Attacking/flaming another user or staff will not be tolerated. This includes harassment, bullying, blaming or trying to make their time on the site as miserable as possible
  • Snide, nasty, tasteless or spiteful remarks or behaviour will automatically be considered as disrespectful; regardless to whom they were directed at.
  • Any comments made in a threatening way and or threats made against a user will not be tolerated.
  • If you have a problem with a user you can report them by using the User Ticket Support. If you choose to jokingly tease a friend or family member, we ask that you do so in an obvious way or to keep it private, to prevent any misunderstanding from users and or staff.
  • Posting ill feelings, accusations and attacks towards other members and/or staff is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to palamail, profile comments, forum or shoutbox posts.
  • Posts made on profiles, forums or the shout box that come off as offensive or are posted in a manner that is harassing or disrespectful to members and/ or staff will be asked to be removed.
  • Ignoring Staff members in their official capacity repeatedly is not allowed.



  • Taking any content such as images, text, profile coding and claiming it as your own is classified as theft.
  • Taking and/or altering a user's profile coding without their permission and/or not giving credit is considered theft.


One Account Rule - Family members and/or roommates are welcome to sign up for an account of their own without threat of being banned. If you are using a shared (public) computer or IP, we request you keep the sending of items, rubies and/or Pali to each other to a minimum. If you are asked by staff to please stop sending items and fail to comply, the associated accounts will be considered Mulitple accounts and will be banned

  • All users have one account for life. We DO NOT under any circumstances allow you to create a new account to change your user name, pick a different start pali, or avoid jail time. 
  • Users are not allowed to "share" accounts and may not work together in "teams", "groups" or in any other way as to gain unfair advantage over other users.
  • You may not give permission for another person to access your account for any reason. It is your responsibility to prevent any unauthorized access to your account at all times. 
  • All multiple accounts associated with you will be permanently banned and your main account will be banned for a period of time. This means you will have NO access to the site at all until the punishment time is served.
  • Repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to use their referral link to sign new users up to the site. The referral link will be blocked from being used.


English Only - Paladore is an English only site.

  • All areas of Paladore are English only. This includes but is not limited to: profiles, forums, shoutbox, or any art on site. Palamail is the only exception
  • We will allow brief comments such as "Aloha" or "Bonjour" and similar words.
  • A small amount of chatspeak is allowed. We ask that chatspeak be kept to a minimal. Posting excessively in chatspeak or keyboard smashing is not allowed.


Selling Virtual Services - You cannot attempt to sell any of the virtual currencies/items/pali/accounts/services on Paladore for other currencies. This also includes but is not limited to:

  • Trading virtual currencies from other sites or real money for Paladore currency is not accepted.
  • The selling of accounts or any part of your account for any form of currency (real or virtual) is not allowed.
  • You can not sell art, written material, or any other form of services for real money on Paladore. We have no control over these. Therefore, we can not monitor them nor help you if anything should go wrong. You MAY sell these for on site currency or items only.


Privacy Rule - We cannot moderate or control what happens offsite whether it be in a private chat or a meet up, so we ask all users to please remember: you give your information out at your own risk so please be careful who you are giving personal information too.

  • You are not allowed to give out or post your home address, phone number or any type of personal information any where on site.
  • Users are not allowed to post links to off-site chat rooms.
  • Since some users like to keep in contact outside of Paladore, you are allowed to exchange contact information such as emails or IM information via PalaMail only. You will be giving out this information at your own risk and we strongly urge you to think about your safety at all times when doing so.


Other Petsites - We request that you do not post links, images, and/or content from other petsites on Paladore.

  • You may share your username from another site but advertising, promoting, or requesting users to join other petsites is NOT allowed anywhere on site. This includes posting links, referral competitions, mass mailing, or offering to pay people to use your referral link.
  • Users may only send a referral link by mail. This is only allowed IF the other user requests it.
  • Whilst we will allow users to mention another petsite in name only, discussing other Petsites or Petsite related sites is not allowed in the shoutbox. Please use the forums or private mail.
  • If you have an issue pertaining to another site and/or it's users, please do not bring it to Paladore; it tends to cause more drama. If it happens offsite, please keep it offsite.


Pali Trading - Players may now trade on site currency, items or Pali (or a combination of them) for other Pali. Anyone found breaking this rule will be permabanned and unable to create a new account.

  • You may charge on site currency/items/Pali for a catching service.
  • You may NOT charge other currencies (real life or other online sites)
  • Other tangible goods (including but not limited to art, coding, writing, or other goods produced by a player) may NOT be part of the transaction in any form.


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