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Pali Elements Breakdown
A detailed guide for Pali elements; includes strengths and weaknesses chart.

Each Pali has its own elemental type. Elemental types play a big role in battling: if the element of the ability your Pali uses is strong against your opponent's element, damage is doubled. If the ability your Pali uses is weak against your opponent's element, damage is halved. Below is a chart of all the elements with their strengths and weaknesses.

This chart will allow you to see all the types and how they interact to help you plan a perfect battle squad for any scenario.

Element Strong Against Weak Against
fire Fire      
earthPsychicNeutral water
Earth Earth       
waterlightning Fire
water Water    
FireDemon earthlightningwater
shadow Shadow   
GalacticAncient PsychicFireshadow
Demon Demon   
PsychicNeutralEarth Shadow
Physical Physical  
lightningDemon GalacticShadowPhysical
psychic Psychic   
ShadowPhysicalGalactic DemonAncientpsychic
neutral Neutral   
ShadowAncient Psychic
Galactic Galactic  
PhysicalLightning AncientDemonneutralGalactic
Lightning Lightning Water PhysicalEarthLightning
Ancient Ancient GalacticpsychicPhysical shadow Light
shadowDemonAncient GalacticFire Air
FireWaterEarth Galactic Rock
Fireneutral LightningPhysicalwater

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