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2011.11.12 21:25
Grand Opening!

Grand Opening - Thank you to everyone who signed up this weekend and tried out the site! We've had a ton of fun talking to all of you and we are still working on fixing the bugs and glitches you've found. We just want to thank you for all your support and we will keep listening to your suggestions!

Shop Of Doom has had its restock rate increased, as well as the number of items that restock. For those who are low on Rubies, we suggest you try the Bank Quest as you can gain items for free!

Grand Opening items will be given out all this week through Random Events. After this week we will retire them, so hold onto them- they may be really rare in the future :D

You can now buy Crystals in item form in the Cashshop. Good for sending to friends and selling in your shops!

A bunch of new Quests have been added to the RPG Maps that give out the level IV abilities!

Some new heal Abilities are restocking in the Shop Of Doom

Posted by Ole

2011.11.11 20:05
Grand Opening!

11/11/11 - Paladore Grand Opening!!!

Welcome to the grand opening of Paladore! For many of you, this has been a very long wait and we are delighted to announce that the site is now open and you can Register for free! We've been working on the site for over a year and we hope you enjoy some of the content we have come up with!

When you begin your adventure, you will be able to choose one of four Pali! The Leow, Watul, Grasillia and Lumidile are all waiting for new Paladin owners!

BUGS - We expect you'll find quite a few bugs and glitches and so we ask that you report any either on the Forums or send in a User Support ticket. Please don't abuse them either!

VIP LISTS -If you signed up to our VIP List, you can claim a free Proma Pali and some Rubies by going here

Treasure Hunt - We've hidden 17 Grand Opening items around the site! To find them, you need to add the Seeker App from the AppBar Store (its free!). Once added you can search the pages for the various items! Good luck :D

RPG - The RPG is brand new! We've tested it with our staff but there may be a few glitches here and there. You need FLASH to play it, and preferably use one of the newer browser versions (IE9, FIREFOX 7, Chrome 14). If you find issues, post them on the forums and we'll look at them ASAP.

We'll be having a busy weekend here fixing all the issues you come across. New content updates come out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but updates to the site may be applied earlier for those who like to find new features :P.

Premium Members - If you become a Premium member you can help us test out our Palapee Battle Arena. All Premium members are given some weapons too to help us test! Check out the Premium area for more information! You can become a Premium User by purchasing a Premium Ticket from the Cashshop.

Make sure you guys read the rules and most of all, have fun! We are still finding our feet so sorry if things become confusing; we'll be making changes based on your suggestions all the time. For now, enjoy the site and what it has to offer :D I can't wait to begin working on more updates for you.

Posted by Ole

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