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2011.11.30 18:40
Massive RPG Performance Upgrades

  • Massive RPG Upgrade - After a full week of efforts, a major revamp of the RPG has been completed! We recoded all of the RPG Server and a lot of the RPG Client so that it is much easier to add in new updates and also find existing bugs. This version might not fix all the errors that we had before, but it should allow us to figure out what is causing them easier.
  • RPG Commands - There are two new text commands that you can use in the RPG Chat area. The first is /whisper which allows you to directly message another user who is in the game. Just type "/whisper username message" and if they are connected you will be able to send them messages. Replace username and message with the correct values of who you want to talk to and what you want to send.
  • The second command is /party which allows you to send a message to everyone in the party. Just type "/party message" and it will send a message to all those who are in your party and are connected to Palia.
  • RPG now recognises which direction your Paladin is facing; if you notice a user's character is different from their left and right versions, you just need to refresh the image to clear the cache.
  • Minimap now displays NPC locations (including Teleporters). If you hover your mouse over the corresponding block it will tell you the NPC's name!
  • Connecting to the RPG has been revamped and so has teleporting between maps. Characters will now preload if they are already on the map (you don't have to wait for them to move to see them) and when they teleport or disconnect, they will disappear from your map so you have a correct and up-to-date version of the map.
  • There are some community issues with mini-bosses being camped at. We want your opinion on what solution we should implement to fix this and other griefing related issues. Read the topic here and let us know your thoughts.
  • Respawns are now much better and accurate than before.
  • Fines will now actually work when you receive warnings. X)
  • Shop sizes have now increased from 20 to 50, 100 to 200, and 200 to 500.
  • Highscores are now ordered by timestamp in the event of two scores being the same (so whoever scored it first goes above).
  • You can now choose to hide or display your gender on user profiles in Settings.
  • New Rule - Take this opportunity to read the Rules of Paladore. The new rule involves buying/selling Pali.
  • The Legendary Items in the Cashshop will remain in for another 11 Days. The December items will be released on Friday (announced on Friday).
  • The Palalune is being delayed to Monday because we have some... special winter themed updates coming that might take over the news on Friday :P

Posted by Ole

2011.11.28 19:40
Mighty Monday Updates

  • New User Profiles! - Profiles have gotten a revamp in order to provide a more customizable template. Now you can rearrange any section of the profile to your heart's content with CSS styling. More default templates and user contributed CSS will be available in the future for convenient theme changes. Two new settings have been added. You can optionally display your age and RPG location on your profile (both are hidden by default).
  • Cashshop sale is now over! We hope you got all the things you wanted!
  • Just a reminder, Bug Reports should go in the Bug Center unless they can be abused, in which case you can use User Support.
  • Flame Palapees - More flame Palapees are available: Cyflops, Eagal, Mammothig and Waspe.
  • Premium Members - You can now rename your Pali via the Premium Area. You can rename up to 3 per month and we also fixed some issues for naming Pali in Serabi's Cave. Thank you guys for supporting us! We are also making an item which allows you to rename and will be giving it to everyone who has a Pali ID under 10000 (thus before the naming change) so you can rename one or two of your Pali's.
  • Congratulations Jawneh - They have won the Casino Raffle and the grand jackpot of 26825 Rubies and a brand new trophy for their lookup! Also fixed the negative Rubies issue and the price of a ticket is now 100 Rubies (makes for a bigger jackpot $_$)
  • Legendary Items Change - You can now choose which Legendary Item you want from the CashShop page without having to gamble your crystals!
  • Fixed Lucier - oops!
  • Improved the chances of getting flutes from Adventure greatly.
  • Fixed Weekend Titles for Quests, Adventure and Flash Games. Sorry about the inconvenience!
  • Added Pagination to Trading House search results.
  • To clarify, Dark Hole allows you to grab 10 items and not 5 :P My mistake!
  • Reminder - Trophies are given out on the 1st of each month which means this Thursday! Good luck getting on the high scores!

Posted by Ole

2011.11.25 17:51
Fanciful Friday Updates

  • Elemental Backgrounds - Solistia has crafted some awesome new Elemental Backgrounds that you can find at the Cashshop.
  • Black Friday Sales - It's Black Friday in America and this means massive discount on lots of products! Not one to miss out on an opportunity, you can now gain 25% Extra Crystals when you purchase Crystals on the site! This limited discount period will last until Sunday so if you want to buy any extra Crystals go do it :D
  • Alternative Site Backgrounds - Vine patterned background dizzying on your eyes? Worry no more! Now you can pick out any custom background color you wish to view the site with! Simply find the hex code for your favorite hue and set it as your site background preference in Settings.
  • AppBar Store has a new look for the app icons!
  • appappappappappapp

  • Settings Update - For those who wish to revert back to the default white user label or not use an icon next to their username, there are now two corresponding options for this in Settings!
  • Guests can now view the forums without being logged in. You still need an account to post though.
  • PalaMorphing and Trades Issue - This is really a big OOPs from us; we over looked a scenario where if you Palamorphed a Pali into the next stage, then caught the Pali of the previous version, whenever you traded away that Pali you would lose it in your Palabase. Now the system will flag Pali that you have owned but Palamorphed into the next stage so that you won't lose them when trading the Pali away with other users. I know this sounds confusing, (it is!), and we have fixed this issue now, but it only applies to newly Palamorphed Pali (from this point on). We would update all other Pali but we have no way of telling which ones were Palamorphed and which ones were captured at a Palamorphed stage.
  • Referrals - You can now find your own Referral link in the settings page here. Referrals currently allow you to gain Cash Shop Crystals whenever one of your referrals buy from the CashShop. We are also adding in a point shop soon, too, in which you will be able to spend Referral Points on items. You can view your referral log on your referral page and it updates whenever you earn any points.
  • Dark Hole has been added to the world map and two new Random Events related to it have also been added. Go grab free items now!
  • New Avatar - Hmm... I wonder how to get this one...

Posted by Ole

2011.11.23 19:53
Wayfaring Wednesday Updates

  • Pali Naming Change - You no longer have to have a unique name for a Pali. This change is a result of a poll we did on the forums where we asked if you would rather have unique names or non-unique names. We always appreciate your feedback and hope that this change makes naming Pali more fun! We will be updating the search features around the site to try and make it easier to find specific Pali. Click here to read a full post on this decision.
  • The Dark Hole has appeared out of thin air! Whenever you click Toss Away on an item, the item will end up there. You can grab 5 items an hour from the Dark Hole. We will try to get a location image up soon.
  • Palamail limit now shows the actual total of both your inbox and sent messages. This should clear up any confusion on just how many mails you've used up out of your 100 mail limit. The Delete column has been renamed Delete All to clarify that it's essentially a Check All button to delete everything at once.
  • A spiffy new pagination system by Jonathan has been added to Pali Rankings and Forums. Soon you will be seeing more pagination for various areas of the site.
  • You can now view more Pali's and items up for trade in the respective trading locations through newly installed pagination.
  • BOO - Some spooky plushies whose spirits left before Grand Opening have appeared in the Shop Of Doom.
  • Forum Newest Posts and User's Newest Posts now link back to the topic to make them easier to find.
  • Palibi language now shows capital letters correctly.
  • Shoutbox History has been upgraded with timestamps and new pagination.
  • Hungry Bob will no longer ask for foods greater than Rarity 40.
  • You will no longer go into negative energy on Adventure.
  • You should no longer be able to spam attacks in battle which cause a massive queue of events to screw up the battle. ATB Bar should also be a little more accurate now.
  • Mods now have the ability to move topics :D
  • New Game - Raffle is the newest game added to the Casino where you can gamble your Rubies away for a Grand Jackpot of Rubies! You can purchase one ticket every hour with a max of 48. The winner will be drawn on Monday, so go buy some tickets!
  • Mystery Bags now disappear after you buy them.

Posted by Ole

2011.11.21 23:34
Monday Medley Updates

  • Fixed the last RPG Area - You can now proceed onto The Lost Garden RPG maps. Good luck to anyone attempting to beat the storyline :D You're going to need it!
  • Quickstock page has been made clearer with the position of the Check All buttons. You will also see which option each radio button corresponds to when making a selection. The Delete option has been marked clearly now to reduce chances of accidental choice selections.
  • Are you stressing out over Lucier not being a Full Moon? Perhaps the slots jackpot is just trolling you out of all your Rubies? Or you just feel like there is a permanent gloomy cloud hanging over your head? Well, the solution to all your problems is PIE! Jireh has cooked up some delicious flavors of Pie and they are now stocking at the Shop Of Doom.
  • Scarabee now Palamorph using the Earth Palamorph Flute and Scarabuzz has now been reverted to Earth type (was previously Ancient).
  • All categories in the Looking Glass have been re-synced so they should now be showing the correct amount of Pali. Also fixed glitches in the Trading Center which didn't correctly calculate how many Pali you had after trading.
  • Thank you! - From Ole: I just want to thank everyone who has been submitted bugs to the Bug Center for us. You guys have been really helpful with providing screenshots and data on when something messes up and it allows us to find the problem that much quicker. We are aware of the issues in the RPG from time to time, and we will probably be recoding a large portion of it to remedy these issues.
  • New Avatars - 3 new avatars have been added to the site! Get questing ;)
  • Links now pop up in a new window when using PalaCode.
  • You can obtain some new Super Long Hair from the Shop Of Doom. Thank you, Solistia!
  • Have you checked out The Palalune recently? Don't forget you can submit your burning questions to our Editorial Section and we'll answer them in the next issue!
  • palalune

  • The Grand Opening Items have all been retired! Thank you to everyone who has joined so far and been patient while we fix all the bugs and glitches!
  • Speaking of bugs, more have been pummeled out of Paladore:
  • :: The Pali ranking search not working after the first search has been fixed.
    :: Fixed an RPG Bug with cutscenes which wasn't taking you back to the correct scene when you lost a battle to a boss. Thanks Seven!
    :: Fixed an issue with users who were jailed not being let out on time -evil-!
    :: Fixed Palapee transforming issue.
    :: Owai RPG Quest now works!
    :: The Restockstreak disabling last restocked timer now works properly in showing the time to the person who activated it.
    :: Flame Palapee Potion should activate for the currently available Palapee now.

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