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2012.01.09 15:37
Quests Updated!

All World-Quests have been updated. Their rewards have been changed in order to help balance the amount spent and the amount received. Before this change, it was pretty impossible to make any sort of profit from quests unless you stashed a bunch of items in your storage. Read below for specific changes:

Hungry Bob -
Ruby rate has increased dramatically for foods. Shop of Doom will also be forced to restock one batch of foods every other hour so more can get into the shops and not be stopped by clothing items.

Amanda Quests -
Ruby rate has increased. She now also has a much higher chance to give you food-related items so that you can use/sell them for Hungry Bob quests.

Buck's Quest -
Has more of a chance of giving out 1,000~6,000 Rubies, but still quite rare.

Night Time Quests -
Ruby rate increased dramatically. Only asks for darkness themed items.

Palapee Quests -
Increased Ruby Rate.

Want to tell us how much profit you made from a quest? Check out this new topic on the forums.

Posted by Ole

2012.01.09 12:26
Casino Raffle Winner

Congratulations chick2300! - They have won the Casino Raffle and the grand jackpot of 19180 Rubies and a brand new trophy for their lookup!

Posted by Ole

2012.01.07 21:05
Apply for Staff

We are looking to hire 2~3 new GMs for the site and have opened up applications here. We are looking for active users who really want to contribute to Paladore. Positions are volunteer and you should only apply if you are really dedicated to the site. Good luck to everyone who applies; it will probably take us a week or so to review all applications and get back to people so please be patient.

Posted by Ole

2012.01.07 04:23
GameBot's First Words

Raffle tickets are now cheaper by popular demand. Previously 100 Rubies, now only 50 Rubies!

All-time high score tables now display all the record scores. A bug caused some scores to be hidden if a user did not attain a monthly score for an associated game.

Some NPCs felt left out at the lack of recognition in the form of prestigious adhesives. Needless to say, their wishes have been granted.

stamp stamp

Posted by Tom

2012.01.06 19:16
New News Post

Hello everyone! This is the first post of a new news system that will be replacing the current update schedule. Over the past couple of weeks, we have found that trying to stick to the three day schedule each week was both exhausting for the staff and limiting on the quality of content.

You may have noticed there was a 3-days-a-week schedule for posting updates (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). This was fine at the beginning but cannot be efficiently sustained. The main issue is introducing new features that involve a lot of time and planning. We want to ensure each new feature released will enhance the site in a substantial way, but this is quite unrealistic when there are only two or three days between scheduled updates.

We are now moving to a much more open system of posting updates whenever they are added to the site. This will allow us to take greater care and time in coming up with new content that won't have a hundred bugs or careless mistakes in them. It'll also allow us to update you instantly, giving everyone a fair advantage when it comes to discovering new features. This is extremely important when there are plots or events when timing is of essence.

We also have a news ticker for emergency updates and site-wide notices. All staff will be able to post announcements in this area to signal any important information that may arise.

We will try not to clutter updates with bug fixes all the time, and are working on some templates to make the news more presentable and easier for all staff to be involved. We hope you enjoy the new system and if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know via news comments (on the forums).

Posted by Ole

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