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2012.01.07 04:23
GameBot's First Words

Raffle tickets are now cheaper by popular demand. Previously 100 Rubies, now only 50 Rubies!

All-time high score tables now display all the record scores. A bug caused some scores to be hidden if a user did not attain a monthly score for an associated game.

Some NPCs felt left out at the lack of recognition in the form of prestigious adhesives. Needless to say, their wishes have been granted.

stamp stamp

Posted by Tom

2012.01.06 19:16
New News Post

Hello everyone! This is the first post of a new news system that will be replacing the current update schedule. Over the past couple of weeks, we have found that trying to stick to the three day schedule each week was both exhausting for the staff and limiting on the quality of content.

You may have noticed there was a 3-days-a-week schedule for posting updates (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). This was fine at the beginning but cannot be efficiently sustained. The main issue is introducing new features that involve a lot of time and planning. We want to ensure each new feature released will enhance the site in a substantial way, but this is quite unrealistic when there are only two or three days between scheduled updates.

We are now moving to a much more open system of posting updates whenever they are added to the site. This will allow us to take greater care and time in coming up with new content that won't have a hundred bugs or careless mistakes in them. It'll also allow us to update you instantly, giving everyone a fair advantage when it comes to discovering new features. This is extremely important when there are plots or events when timing is of essence.

We also have a news ticker for emergency updates and site-wide notices. All staff will be able to post announcements in this area to signal any important information that may arise.

We will try not to clutter updates with bug fixes all the time, and are working on some templates to make the news more presentable and easier for all staff to be involved. We hope you enjoy the new system and if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know via news comments (on the forums).

Posted by Ole

2012.01.04 18:05
Wonderful Wednesdays

  • Removed Nichole's Quests. Oops!
  • New Adventure Games - 3 new Adventure tasks have been added to the earlier islands: Magrai Wars, Owai Invaders, and Snowflake Falls. We will add these to the more islands later once we see how they balance out.
  • Adventure Islands Pokerland, EvoLand, Timeless Portal and Neverending have had Adventure Maps added to the site. We also wiped anyone who had access to these islands (since it allowed you to access them without earning the maps).
  • Premium users have had their renames reset. This should now happen at the beginning of each month
  • You can now view all of a collection's items on one page with the View All link next to the Collection heading at the top of the interface. Pages are still default to alleviate loading issues for users, especially when collections grow larger in the future.
  • Fixed Highscores displaying 0 Scores.
  • The Autoquester App now logs items it buys in your User Shop History. Sorry if you were finding missing items and then no history to show it had been purchased XP
  • NEW Item Type - Toy items now have a use in Paladore! You can give toys to your Palapee who in turn can then play with them. Each Palapee can play with up to four toys and you can add toys to your Palapee's Toy Chest by clicking on the Toy item in your Inventory. Each toy has a chance of doing something to your account, the less rare toys give weaker results than the rarer ones. Also, toys have a chance to break when you play with them. Some break easier than others, so be careful when adding a toy to your Palapee's Toy Chest. Items cannot be removed from a Palapee's Toy Chest so make sure you actually want to use the item. We've added lots of warning notices and popups.
  • User's who have a Palapee can also claim some free toys to get started with! Just head to your Palapee's Toy Chest (go to Palapees, then select Toy Chest from the drop down menu) and claim your free toys!
  • Some new 2012 themed toys are restocking in the Shop of Doom.
  • Some existing items have been turned into toys!
  • BOOM - Can you get this new Avatar?

Posted by Ole

2012.01.02 17:00
Moo Mondays

  • The 7th Issue of The Palalune is now live! You can read all about event planning, some user-submitted stories and we also answer your recently submitted editorial questions! Click here to read
  • Fixed a bug which prevented you from reading older issues of The Palalune
  • Congratulations to Wolf and Spyro who have won the Palalune Writer trophy for their User lookup. You can view their articles in the latest Palalune Issue! If you're interested in submitting your own article, you can do it here.
  • Fixed creating Palapees when you have more than 4 and you have used the Palapee Key item.
  • The Lights of Paladore event has come to an end! Thank you to everyone who participated and we hope you managed to get all the items you wanted and had fun gifting your friends. The Elves have just one more thing to say...

  • Good luck Paladins! You will surely need it in the future...

  • Fishing spots should now reduce as your level goes up.
  • Fixed a user title for Lights of Paladore 100% Completion Collection. All users who got it by mistake have had it removed and their challenge points updated.
  • The Date of when a bug is fixed has been added to the Bug Center.
  • Fixed Garden Link bug
  • Brand new Monthly Legendary Items have been added to the Cashshop! There are 12 items including 2 Palapees, some Palapee Weapons, a new Forum Style and various others!
  • Last months Legendary items have been retired from the Cashshop.
  • Added Pagination to Storage!
  • Hold onto your Toys! Working on something useful for them this week :D
  • Congratulations Diane! - They have won the Casino Raffle and the grand jackpot of 12800 Rubies and a brand new trophy for their lookup!
  • Pali Trading Center now displays Origin Icon of Event Pali.

Posted by Ole

2011.12.30 17:01
Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

  • We're Back! - We're back with new updates after our Christmas break! We hope you all had a great Christmas and a nice break from work! Anyways, we also want to wish everyone a Happy New Year for Sunday! 2012 will be the best year yet!
  • Fixed a market shop spot that was not giving out a user title.
  • Impoved Mod tools for User Admins and GMs. Improved account tracking.
  • Fixed bug with Item Hunter.
  • Fixed bug with Palapee Equip Items.
  • Congratulations Tali! - They have won the Casino Raffle and the grand jackpot of 29900 Rubies and a brand new trophy for their lookup!
  • We hope you all enjoyed Double Exp for the past few days! It is now over. But you can still get double EXP from Nichole for the next couple of days of Lights of Paladore!
  • Discuss the possibility of Custom Palapees here.
  • Special thanks goes to Lee who helped sort out the Item Hunter mess. When it goes up again we will fix all glitches and add some of your suggestions to it too. Sorry- next time I won't code an event like that over a holiday break!
  • Item Hunter Winners - The Item Hunter teams that won the competition were: Dogopoly Inpu Division (17), Chu Chu Train (3) and Dogopoly Daxter Division (16). Congratulations, all members received a new trophy and some Rubies! First place got a nice R99 Ice Palapee Potion.
    Winners: KIARA (17) - Velxeor (17) - DragonLily (17) -Nick (17) - Chu (3) - Toad (3) - Mel (3) - Soda (3) - Beast (16) - Dragon (16) - Draco (16) - Larke (16) -

  • Added CAPS-BOT to the Shoutbox. It will now auto reduce ALL CAPS posts to lower ones. Should save all those people who love reporting some free time yay :D
  • Fixed an issue with Fishing for spots that don't exist -sadface-
  • NEW Palapee Pen -Palapees can now be adopted and abandoned at the Palapee Pen. There is also a search option to look for specific Palapees. We will implement some kind of reserve option in the future.
  • You can now increase the amount of Palapee you own by using the Palapee Key in the Cashshop. Each user, by default, can have up to four Palapee and this item will increase by +1.
  • Reminder - The game trophies are handed out on Sunday to the user's in the top places! Make sure you're on top at midnight ;)!
  • The Palalune Issue #7 will be released on Monday- but don't forget to submit Editorial Questions as its not too late :D!
  • Last Chance - Reminder, the Lights of Paladore event will end on January 1st so make sure to do Nichole's quests and open all your presents before then! Otherwise you will have to wait another year :X. Also, new Legendary Items are coming on Monday, so make sure you get any last minute Legendary items from the Cashshop ^_^
  • Two new Avatars for you to hunt down made by the awesome Lolly!

Posted by Ole

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