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2011.12.21 17:35
Windy Wednesday Updates

  • Cleared broken Mining Games. Should now work (XP)
  • You can no longer go over level 100 in Professions.
  • You should no longer be able to start multiple profession games in the same hour
  • The Thief Soulstone is now being dropped by Mini-Bosses. It allows you to extract very powerful souls.
  • Premium Users can view which Pali have souls that can be extracted with the Thief Soulstone by reading the latest Palapedia Article
  • New stamps extravaganza! Four new categories: NPC, Items, Eccentric, and Travel.
  • stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp elves.png nichole.png serabi.png zuri.png grimbley.png eliza.png keke.png buck.png amanda.png hungry_bob.png

  • News page now has pagination for convenient viewing of archived posts.
  • 12 new Username Labels have been released!
  • GMs can now lock forum topics.
  • Fixed Referral Shop purchasing glitch.
  • You can earn more Referral Points now by your Referrals playing various games on Paladore *cough*RPGADVENTURESHOPDOOM*cough*. *eats throat sweet*
  • Users can now "Thank" a post on the forums. Your total amount of thanks is also displayed in your post bit too.
  • NEW GAME - Item Hunter is going to be a new monthly/biweekly game where you can create your own teams to hunt for items on the site. These items will come from various games on the site that you will have to play to collect them all. The team that collects all the items first, second and third will receive a new trophy and a prize of sorts :P. You can begin creating your own team today and then on Friday the competition will begin.

Posted by Ole

2011.12.19 23:29
Manifest Monday Updates

  • Mini Boss Instanced! - We've decided to make all Mini-Bosses instanced. This means that each Mini-Boss will now be available to everyone at any time. There is still a time limit on battling them, so for those who want to capture them and spend a lot of time doing so can still wait for each spawn time. This also gives those who want to complete quests, or who just don't have much time to spend on the site a chance to battle the Mini Bosses. Capture rates have been reflected to support this change. So basically, the system is the same as it was before just now you no longer have to worry about other users beating you to the spawn. This system may change, but for now we think it's the most universal way so it supports all types of players. We've also added two new Mini-Bosses, the Inferneow and Turtank.
  • Pali should now be spawned on top of Players (so players with backgrounds can't hide Pali)
  • Don't forget to send us your questions via the Palalune Editorial section!
  • Collections Interface Upgrade - The Collections page has received an update! Category links should now be easier to navigate, as well as sub-sections of a collection having more organized and defined labels and heading. There is a new progress percentage bar and pagination to reduce lag on the eventual hundreds of items per collection. Note that the progress percentage also displays individually for sub-sections.
  • A loophole with the Stamp Collector avatar and Lights of Paladore user title has been fixed. The Lights of Paladore collection was missing 2 items and the user title should now work if you have 100% for that section.
  • Gold Coins no longer eat your Rubies in the Roulette game.
  • Battle Squad Pali should no longer be allowed to be eaten by Soulstones (again).
  • Shoutbox Colors will no longer show up for a user if their Premium has run out.
  • Forum Pinging/Mentioning using the @ symbol should now work properly when you mention someone on a new line.
  • Level 100 Miners will no longer have 0 Rocks to search for when Mining.
  • Last month's Legendary Items have now (oops) been retired from the Cashshop.
  • Congratulations Kai! - They have won the Casino Raffle and the grand jackpot of 35400 Rubies and a brand new trophy for their lookup!
  • The Jar of Light now has a random chance to return to the game at the start of each hour!
  • The Referral Shop is now open with a fresh batch of new items! The Referral Shop allows you to spend your Referral Points on various items; these items have a limited stock and who knows when they will next restock :X You can earn Referral Points by your Referrers doing various tasks around the site ^_^
  • New items with Rarity 113 (Referral Items)!

Posted by Tom

2011.12.16 16:52
Freestyle Friday Updates

  • NEW Casino Game - Casino Roulette is the newest game in the Casino. You can bet on the different number sets and see if luck is with you! For those of you with a little bit more gambling flair, you can bet on the 0 number set which will win you 10 times your normal bet.
  • (More stamps and collection page work in progress).
  • If you're lucky enough, you might be able to win a free bet on the Casino Roulette by finding a Gold Casino Token
  • The Elves have arrived! - The Elves of Paladore have arrived and with them they bring a new game and some news of events in the outside world. The Elves visit Paladore once a year and with them they bring the Jars of Light items which are only given out once each day. Go play their new game to see if you can win one!
  • It might interest you to read about certain events happening in the outside world.
  • Fixed a glitch with equipping Palapee Weapons
  • You can now delete Souls again. They must be not on any Soul Tree before being deleted.
  • A new Hexe Outfit has been added to the Cashshop!
  • You can now see the Strongest Palapees in Paladore by visiting the Palapee Training Center. You can view the top overall, top hp, top level, top strength, top defence, top speed and top vigilance. Keep training those Palapees- the Palapee Battle Arena will be coming out of Beta sooooooon...ish.
  • 2 new Forum Styles have been added to the site. I wonder how you get them :X?

Posted by Ole

2011.12.14 23:52
Whimsical Wednesday Updates

  • Just a little note: you can write about anything related to Paladore for the Palalune. It can be an article, a story, an essay, or a game guide! Just make sure it relates to Paladore and you're good to go
  • You can now delete Souls from your Palabase. Just click on a Pali and then click the delete button next to the Soul you wish to delete.
  • You can now view Soul Tree links from the Looking Glass.
  • NEW Forum Feature - You can now mention users in forum posts by typing their username prefixed with an @ symbol. So if you wanted to alert a user to a thread you can type @username and they will be alerted via PalaMail.
  • NEW RPG Functionality - You can now click and play when using the RPG by using the new keypad added to the user interface. There is also an X button to battle Pali. Hopefully this will make using tablets and other handheld devices easier. It won't work on your iPhone/iPad as they don't support flash. However, just got news that the web socket protocol draft has now been finalised which means the RPG can one day work without flash. We just need to wait for all browsers to update to the new draft and then we are good to go.
  • NEW Flash Game - Can you help the Doen catch the snowflakes in Snowflake Falls? Unlockables will be added as soon as they are made :D
  • You can no longer remove items for your Closet if they are being worn by your Paladin.
  • You can no longer equip Palapee Weapons in certain situations (multiple healers, freezers, limited items etc).
  • You can now view up to 60 items per page in a user's Treasure Box.
  • Event Pali - Any event Pali that we release or are captured during special occasions now have their very own icon. Origin is the newest data for your Pali, and depending on where the Pali came from, it will display a certain Icon. Currently, Proma that were given away during the Grand Opening will have a Grand Opening Icon. This feature will allow us to do special promotions with other Pali in the future and even special events with other unique Icons. Currently, the Icon is only visible in The Looking Glass and in battle but we are slowly pushing this feature out to other areas of the site.
  • The VIP List has now been removed.
  • The Lumidile family has finally received equal treatment in its own set of stamps! This will be the start of new stamp releases. Currently all stamps stock in the Shop of Doom.

Posted by Tom

2011.12.12 16:57
Magical Monday Updates

  • NEW RPG AREA! - Solstice has been added to Palia! You can find 3 brand new repeatable quests in this area which will allow you to earn some Rubies and EXP! Town is only going to be available for the Lights of Paladore event, so don't miss out! You can find Solstice in the map: Faded Forest: A Chilly Path.
  • Town Teleporter Serabi has been added to The Lost Garden and Solstice!
  • You can no longer extract souls from Pali in your Battle Squad.
  • I've just ran a script to update everyone's battle squad if they had extracted a Soul. It also should have added any items that were attached to pets you had Soulstoned. If you still are having problems, please send in a User Support Ticket with the Pali's name that you deleted and we will be able to give you back the equipped items, fix your battle squad number and get you battling again. If you made a bug report, please also link to it so we can mark it as fixed. Thanks!
  • You can now submit an article to The Palalune. Articles will be read by the editor of the Palalune and chosen to appear in the next issue. Users who have their articles published will also get a trophy for their user lookup which will link to all the published articles they have written. Joy is going to be handling submissions so she is now accepting cookies and flutes as bribes :D
  • You can view all published articles here.
  • NEW Ice Palapees! The Hiddo, Creepor, Raptore and Torlul can all be transformed into Ice themed Palapees!
  • Make sure you wear gloves if you manage to get your hands on this icy potion in the Shop Of Doom.
  • Added 5 Second wait time in between forum posting for Premium members to prevent accidental spamming.
  • You can now see who is who in the RPG (say yay for names! Yay!) Will probably end up changing the CSS on them so they might look different later XP
  • Congratulations Kurre! - They have won the Casino Raffle and the grand jackpot of 38400 Rubies and a brand new trophy for their lookup!

Posted by Ole

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