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2012.01.12 16:02

Some new super rare Toy Dolls can be gotten when randomly doing quests. Keep them safe if you get one- they're incredibly rare!

Not to be outdone by new items, the crazy guy over at the Shop of Doom has got himself a nice shipment of new toy dolls too!

Posted by Ole

2012.01.11 12:54
Mod Apps Closing

Today is the last day to apply for GM! GM Applications will be disabled tomorrow so if you want to submit your application, best do it now. We've had an amazing response and lots of people have applied so its going to be a tough decision for the staff to find the best people for the job. We will be discussing the applications throughout the week and weekend.

Also, we have now removed the Jail List (since it wasn't very useful) and also friendly reminders are no longer logged on your warning log (yay!).

Posted by Ole

2012.01.10 15:26
Pali Costumes!

You can now dress up as one of these three starter Pali: Leow, Watul, Grasillia! These new wearable items are available in a new package from the Cashshop.

Posted by Ole

2012.01.10 15:00
Game of The Day

The unlockables for Snowflake Falls have been added to the site. Incidentally, it is also the Game Of The Day, which is a new feature where a Flash Game is picked each day to give out Double Rubies and EXP. It changes at midnight!

Posted by Ole

2012.01.10 14:26
Ice Palapees

More Palapees can now be turned into Ice Themed Palapees!

Posted by Ole

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