The Halloween Puzzle Challenge Continues - Day 2

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    Today's game is.....dun dun dun....

    A Riddle!
    The final answer is Halloween themed and can be found...somewhere! on site. Good luck! Oh, and did we mention there's a prize? Anyone who successfully completes the entire riddle correctly will be given 2,000 rubies and their choice of any Halloween item from previous years!

    To submit your answers, please PM them to Daya (That's me) with it clearly marked what your answer is. Do not share your answer with anyone please! Your final answer will be a sentence. I could tell you more, but what would be the fun in that? :p

    Over the next few days, we will also be releasing a few more tricks, treats, and riddles for you to enjoy, and the first 10 players to successfully complete all of them will earn any Halloween Pali of their choice from previous years! (Pumpkling, Skelly, Mitrik, Atirik, Delluks, and Pteron are all available!)

    And now for your riddle!

    A Halloween Phrase

    There's a place you're sure to find not too far from the moon,

    With flames abounding everywhere, you can click it none too soon.

    The Challenge will be to find the word that we're waiting for you to write.

    Pick the one below the thing that you'd take out at night!

    Once you're done, go rest beside the cattails on the shore,

    And maybe if you're patient, you might find something more.

    Find your favorite gal in stripes and look down just below,

    You'll find a bunch of text to read, now read it nice and slow.

    You're looking for the second word below the one in bold,

    So hurry up and write it down before we all grow old.

    The last word that you're looking for may take a bit of work,

    But we promise we're not doing it just to be a jerk!

    You'll have to find a book to read if you want to find this one.

    Try the one about a Hexe and all its Halloween fun.

    Then go off and read your book because we told you too,

    And write down the very last word as soon as you are through!​

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