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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Palamania, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    Some Palia updates are now live. Please give it a try and report any problems / bugs here.
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  2. Tuna

    Tuna Moderator Staff Member

    I'm a sucker for testing things.

    Things I've noticed so far:
    • Cant catch a Fortuna. 1hp
    • When you're on the capture screen (where you can name the pali) the stats are correct but then when you go into the looking glass the hp is right but the mp is consistently 10 (so far).
    • The strength of the pali depends on the location of the pali on the map. Though, I'm not sure if this was intended.
    • Zarrus are missing on Voluu Volcano: Entrance and Voluu Volcano: Escaping Doubt III
    • Fyena are missing on Voluu Volcano: Something Else
    • As Cubexline said, some of the Leows in Voluu Volcano: Internal Distractions are "Dark Grassila" with broken images. They cannot attack. They are considered a mini boss with a 1 hour cooldown. When caught, they are a Leow. The "Dark Grassila" Leow that I caught, all of their stats are 100 besides luck and mp.
    • The Pali's level goes down to 1 after capture even though the stats stay the same. Not sure if that was intended.
    • It's much easier to capture pali. Pali that I have killed in the 1000s and never caught one, I have caught within 10 tries now. Though, I'm not sure if this was intended.
    • I feel the game is a lot more...imbalanced now. I caught a level 1 Cindepillar and it's stats are higher than my level 63 Aquilla.
    • When connecting to palia there is a typo "clearning" FIXED
    • Cant catch a Knishe. 2hp FIXED
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  3. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback Tuna. :)
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  4. Cubexline

    Cubexline Member

    Which is normal: Getting a lot of rubies from battling a pali or the same amount as before? Because I got like 600+ for defeating a Fyena and only 7ish for a Fleo.

    Edit: Also, Leows in Voluu Volcano: Internal Distractions come up as "Dark Grassila" and have extremely low health and no image in the place. Kinda creepy lol
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  5. nnybum

    nnybum New Member

    I've only battled a bit, but I did notice on the Camping Grounds: Menacing Shadow map the boss Montee does not attack.

    I'm liking the random stats on captured Pali.
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  6. Artemesia

    Artemesia New Member

    I agree with Tuna that the high stats on newly captured pali make things imbalanced. I just caught an Evoasui with 20,000 HP. The strongest pali on the rankings only have about 900-1200 HP

    Also, the pali started at lv 90, but the experience needed to level seems like it started at the lv 1 numbers. He is at lv 92 right now and only needs 26 experience to level up.
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  7. nnybum

    nnybum New Member

    So at first all the Pali I was catching were all at level 1, but now it seems everyone I catch is at a higher level. And as Artemesia said, the exp needed to level up is acting like they are at level 1, rather than their actual levels.
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  8. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    These issues should be fixed now. :)
  9. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    Any more suggestions from the players??
  10. nnybum

    nnybum New Member

    The experience needed to level up was fixed, but it's still not right. The Evoasui I just caught is at level 89 but needs 165,519,936 exp to get to level 90, whereas other Pali at level 89 need 4,633,442 to level up.
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  11. Sarah

    Sarah New Member

    I just caught a level 79 Rhyling, and noticed that its MP is 80/80. In the past, Pali have had MP equal to ten times their level.
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  12. Angelae

    Angelae New Member

    When I go into Palia starting the game, the connecting to server tab shows but it never connects.
  13. Cadara

    Cadara New Member

    A lot of people have had that issue, rather than answer here im gonna post a new thread so we can all share our various fixes :)

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