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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Twilight, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. Twilight

    Twilight Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Everyone!!!

    We're looking for an icon artist. We want to replace the icons in the Palia. Something that will have the words instead of just the typed text over the icons.

    Understand that you might be asked to change the icons, so please if you take offense to being asked to change your art no matter how small then this isn't the job for you. We don't want to offend anyone by asking them to change their artwork but sometimes tweaks are needed. To apply please post samples in this thread. Also post how much you would charge per icon. Know that a super cheap price will not get us to pick you and the same with an expensive one. If we feel you meet our requirements, then we'll contact you. Thank you!
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  2. snowlico

    snowlico New Member

    Just wondering what icons your talking about. The ones above that are for healing Pali adding stat points and the rest there?

    If those are the ones I wouldn't mind at least trying to make the icons. :D For me I don't have any examples but all I would need to know is what size they should be and would just try making the icons and show you when I'm done. Then if they will work you could just use them. I wouldn't charge anything because I have no idea if I could make them anywhere good enough. XD I just think trying could be fun. :)
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  3. Twilight

    Twilight Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Snowlico, Yes those are the icons. The Heal, Stats, Party, Quest, Squad, and Rankings icons. About the size of the current ones would be good, if their a little to big we could probably shrink them down a little. You are certainly welcome to draw some and submit those as examples :)

    For everyone we would very much want the words to be incorporated into the icon somehow.
  4. Eva

    Eva New Member

    I don't have many examples of small icons that aren't pixelated but I have a very clean style that I think would work well.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I have many more examples of my work here. For each icon, I would ask for $10.
    Thank you very much for considering me!
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  5. Cubexline

    Cubexline Member

    Here are some samples I did of 4 of the palia icons, I know they don't 100% match paladores style, I just wanted to throw some icon ideas out. I have yet to figure out what paladore does for shading/coloring :p


    I can change them/try more to match paladore's style, if needed(I may update this a lot). As for a price, I never really sold art, so I'm going to go a bit cheap and say $5 or whatever would be okay. Or if you want to just use my design as is, free of charge. :)
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