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Discussion in 'User Suggestions & Feedback' started by Palamania, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    We are now turning our attention to fixing up the Palia. We want all members feedback and ideas. What do you like about the Palia? What do you dislike? What would you like to see added, changed, etc?

    Please share your ideas.
  2. Cubexline

    Cubexline Member

    I would like to see a change to the quests. Right now we can only have one quest open at a time and some of these quests are quite grindy and take awhile. Maybe allow users to have 2-3 quests running at the same time, but where you can't have the same type of pali in the quests. For example you can't have a quest open to kill 999 Knimours and gather 30 Knimour fluffs at the same time, you'll have to finish one or the other before doing the other. I hope I made sense of what I meant.
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  3. raccotaco38

    raccotaco38 Member

    Yeah, I think we should be able to have multiple quests at the same time also.
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  4. dashy

    dashy Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, I definitely think that we should have multiple quests at the same time. It's annoying when I want to do a different quest and save the one that I'm doing for later (Example, if I wanted to take a break from getting 800 pali,) but couldn't because I'd have to stop on my first quest and delete all my work. I hope that makes any sense Lol. I may list some other things here later.
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  5. raccotaco38

    raccotaco38 Member

    Oh, also, with the Palia parties, we should be able to see who else is online in the pop-up thing.
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  6. Daya

    Daya Moderator Staff Member

    It would be nice if we could have the multi-quests like everyone has been saying. I also think some of the power outputs for some of the later pali need to be lowered as they're severely overpowered now, and it would be cool if we could get it to the point where all of the abilities could be acquired in palia (with the exception of the few that are bought from the professions shop). It might be nice if Pali also randomly dropped different items. Right now, only a few of them drop relics, but they're not all that useful for anything except collections, and I feel like ruby payouts should probably be set differently for the varying levels of difficulty throughout the game. At the moment, you get between 3-10ish rubies if you one hit a knishe the same as if it takes you 20 hits against one of the higher level pali. Also it would be cool if there was an item (either a drop or something in the CS maybe) where you could expand the number of people allowed in your party. And I love the idea of having a place that shows which party members are online. :D
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  7. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    I was also thinking a teleport to your friends / party members online, showing any party members online, revamping the battling system, creating your own "home" where you can meet up with friends, creating member to member battling, and much more. Let me know what you think about those ideas. :)
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  8. Tuna

    Tuna Moderator Staff Member

    What about npcs you can fight too?
  9. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    Interesting idea, can you give more details how it would work? Like if you were going to explain the details? I only ask because I can then give the idea to the programmer. :)
  10. Tuna

    Tuna Moderator Staff Member

    Im honestly not sure why some of my text was really big in that post. Oops. Lol.

    But I suppose what I meant was, certain npcs (like the ones in palia that are standing around and give you quests) could battle you as well. Like they have pali they use and you can fight them to get exp and or rubies. Kind of how they do in the main storyline of palia, but more of a friendly battle.
    There could also be some npcs that give you an item too? So they have more interaction?
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  11. raccotaco38

    raccotaco38 Member

    I really like the idea of battling with friends. I think my boyfriend stopped playing because he expected to be able to battle me, but couldn't.
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  12. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    No biggie, it happens. :)

    I like the idea Tuna, and I will give it to the programmer.
  13. Tuna

    Tuna Moderator Staff Member

    This may go without saying, but I also think that there should be lower level rock and light pali at the beginning of palia. (Much like the Nimbi.)
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  14. Daya

    Daya Moderator Staff Member

    And either adding more rooms to spread out the pali or making the encounters random somehow! Also, it would be great if it could be coded so that the energy bar resets between battles, and if the whole battle could be fought using keys only instead of having to click with the mouse. Plus adding some useful battle items would be fun too!
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  15. Cadara

    Cadara New Member

    this may be the wrong section to add this (if it is i apologise)
    I would like to see some way of clearing old trades. Currently they are left there untill the user removes it but that makes it hard to figure out what trades are legitimate and what is forgotten. Maybe some kind of expiration on trades? Or just clear them out so we can start again?
    (once again im sorry if this is already being addressed) :)
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  16. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    @Cadara no reason to ever apologize when trying to help the site. I will be sure to look back at this thread when we get to features and be sure to let the programmer know. :) Than you for taking the time to post and help us out.
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  17. snowlico

    snowlico New Member

    Quite a few ideas suggested already I really like. Being able to work on multiple quests at the same time would definitely be really great.

    I like all those ideas too. :D

    For the making your own home it would be nice if it could be done so you can put furniture and stuff in it to decorate it and make it look how you want. Furniture could maybe be a new kind of item available to use for it.

    This I also think would be nice. I have noticed for the Pali that you battle some attacks only attack 1 of my Pali while some attack all 3. So it would be neat to battle opponents with a team of 3 pali. Also I would hope we would get to pick a target for the attacks that only attack 1 pali.

    I definitely also think being able to do a whole battle with just the keyboard as well would be really nice. :D

    Now for a few ideas of my own.
    Would be nice if it was possible to get various attacks as drops. Since you can have more than one Pali of the same type it would be good to be able to equip them all with attacks if you want. (Or maybe even give a chance that when capturing a Pali that it has a chance to come with an attack or multiple attacks already equipped.)
    Since some Pali are only available during certain months or events it would be nice if maybe after battling one that is currently unavailable that it would have a note that says that you can't catch them at this time. So if your wanting to catch one you don't end up wasting time trying to catch something you can't catch.
    Something else that would be neat would be to add alternate colorations of the Pali. (Kind of like shiny Pokemon.) Not sure how easy it would be to do but I think it would be neat. (Or even if you could pay rubies to change a palis colors like the palapees would be nice.)

    If I come up with more ideas I'll be sure to post them. :)
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  18. tali

    tali Member

    Cubexlines idea for less grindy quests is awesome, and my suggest is in relation to that somewhat:

    I know this would require alot of work and time, but what I've always wanted to see in Palia are mini-games as part of the progression. For example, instead of giving a grind style quest, you're directed to solve a puzzle, or find somone or something specific, so it makes you think essentially. Mini games could for example be a small puzzle to solve, like an anagram, or a logic game with a paladore theme. If this were implementable, it could even contribute towards a collection style idea - like you get a set number of points for completing puzzles, a trophy for completing a full set of puzzles in an area - that sort of thing.
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  19. Tuna

    Tuna Moderator Staff Member

    Not really another suggestion, just a word on color variations as this seems to be a hot topic. (Multiple people have mentioned it.)

    Making variations like the palapees for the palis would be extremely labor intensive and cost a lot of money. There are currently 282 pali, if all of them had variations that would be 282 more images at least. And that's just for each to have 1 color variant. Not to mention that the styles would be different due to different artists redrawing them.

    However, it would be very easy to make a "shiny version" of each pali. Simply two or three clicks, save. Done! And I think that in a way it would be a better alternative. (I could elaborate on this topic for 20 years, but I'll keep it short. Lol.)

    But I'm in no way putting the idea down!! It's great that we can talk openly about our likes and get feedback like this! cc:

    EDIT: This is also purely from an artist's standpoint as I literally have no idea what the coding end looks like.
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  20. Tuna

    Tuna Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe battle squad should be included into stats? Going to a seperate screen to remove or rearrange the order of a member is kind of tiresome. It would be easier if it was in the same place I think.

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