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Discussion in 'Bugs, Glitches, & Support' started by mirror, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. mirror

    mirror New Member

    Not sure if a known problem, but Palia doesn't seem to work, just have the screen "Connecting to server" on it. :(
  2. Bumbly

    Bumbly Administrator Staff Member

    Hey @mirror! :) Which browser are you using? Do you get a pop up regarding Flash?
  3. mirror

    mirror New Member

    I use Chrome and i don't get any pop-ups

    I asked in the Shoutbox hours ago if someone else had same issue and they did. It's same on my Iphone as well, Safari browser.

    Also I am able to click everything on top of the Palia like Heal and Quest ETC.
    I can even close the little tab in the Palia page, corner left. Just the Connecting to server screen is on, it usually disappears within 2 seconds, as it loads Palia, but it's as if it's stuck, and also can't move obviously.
  4. Bumbly

    Bumbly Administrator Staff Member

    I had that same problem at first, I had to install Flash player (found here:, completely reopen Chrome, and then adjust my settings in Chrome as follows:

    - Click on the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome
    - Click Settings near the bottom
    - Scroll down to the bottom and select Advanced
    - Click on Content settings under Privacy and security
    - Click on Flash
    - Click "Add" under Allow and add the following:

    This is what fixed it for me, let me know if this works for you too. :)
  5. mirror

    mirror New Member

    Okay what is strange is that yes that is the problem but it won't work.

    I get the "Flash was blocked on this page" on top of the address bar on the right side, where you favorite and zoom etc.
    If i click "Run flash this time", it only works for Palia as a one off , after refreshing i have to click it again :(

    I have just install Flash again and rebooted Chrome :c
  6. Cadara

    Cadara New Member

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