Paladore is back online!

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  1. Bumbly

    Bumbly Administrator Staff Member

    Paladore is back online after being offline for a few months due to server problems. The site will be online without any further interruptions from here on out. :)

    After the site has returned, I have noticed a few problems arose before the site went offline, such as a huge amount of spambots flooding profiles. If you come across a spambot, please report them here in this thread so I can ban them.

    We are also taking suggestions for site improvements. What would YOU like to see updated on Paladore?

    Thank you everyone! :)
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  2. Eltafez

    Eltafez Member

    Thank you for restoring this game! I'm glad to see it back.
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  3. dashy

    dashy Moderator Staff Member

    Haha so happy Paladore is back online!~<3
    I do have a few suggestions for the site. Coming back after, like, two or three years, I'm really confused about A LOT and I don't remember a lot of the features, but I can give some suggestions based on what I know. :p

    1. Like I said, the site is difficult for newbies. It can be a bit off-putting if you don't know what to do when you first join, and I can see some people leaving out of frustration. Which wouldn't be good since the site is so fun and cute! Perhaps if the layout was a bit more organized it would be easier to navigate.
    2. It took awhile to figure out how to play the actual game because I had to download flash and enable it on chrome. Maybe have a tutorial for that or something?
    3. Usually, the shops are just stocked with 2-5 items. Sometimes I see over 10, but other times it can be a bit of a disappointment. I like the idea of it switching out every so often, but perhaps always have a set amount of items at a time, like 10 or 7 or something like that?
    4. This one is just one of my personal opinions, but I have a bunch of Pali and only having a party of 3 just isn't enough for me. Maybe a party of 5 or 6 like Pokemon?
    5. This isn't really a suggestion, I just wanted to note that there's no cute little banner for when you go to the Music & Electronics and the Novelties shop.
    6. This isn't a must, but for some reason my name doesn't have a capital 'D' on the forums and it's driving me crazy, lol. I don't know if there's an option to change your name but if there isn't there should be one.
    7. You should be able to play the actual game (the adventure) in full-screen mode/ have the option to.
    8. You should get a notification when Lucier is full.
    9. I'm kinda confused about all of these random items. Are they just to collect? My Pali just gave me a burnt stamp and I'm not sure what to do with it lol. Maybe some can have special abilities that come with them or maybe you can do something with them?
    10. I feel like some people have their Pali at extremely high levels and it makes the game boring/not difficult enough. Maybe have some special, high rarity pets that are very high levels that you can defeat and capture?
    11. Coming back to Paladore, I realized that it's pretty difficult to capture a pet. You should be able to have multiple tries to catch a Pali when it's weakened enough.
    11. And then there's just a few minor bugs that should be fixed. A few are barely noticeable/not even relevant like when you step on a teleporter your Paladin disappears. There are a few others that I can list when I remember them.

    Well, those are just a few of my personal suggestions. I hope you consider some of them! :D
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  4. Cadara

    Cadara New Member

    some suggestions from me include:

    1: Make Stats mean something.
    2: Expiration on trades (seriously some of them are as old as the site itself)
    3: Move to any Flash alternative
    4: Maybe some kind of PVP feature
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  5. Opulence

    Opulence New Member

    These are just for me personally and I understand if others do not agree with them since it's my personal vision of Paladore but still;

    1) Balance stats & Revert to the old soultree system as seen here;

    Why? - If stats meant something, at 20 points per level it's going to be very difficult to allocate stat points evenly throughout all of the stats, the old soul tree system created an incentive to grind and battle Pali in order to have souls to use as well as capture them for the Palabase. It also meant the profession items had worth when it came to trying to hoard the relevant items to create Soul Tree shards.

    Soulstones themselves also had worth at this time...

    1.5) Old way of capturing Pali brought back... This new 'try to capture' is glitchy, and I personally enjoyed the grind of battling 2k of a Pali to try and capture one. It meant that rare pali such as Aquaeo actually had value when it came to trading.

    2) I wouldn't add any new items... That's the least concern, there are probably 1000s of items atm and its already daunting for new players.

    3) A tutorial for new players, I've seen many newbies join and leave straight away because the sheer amount of things to do such as collections, palia, adventures, without any guidance is daunting

    4) Communication - after the last events of the site and it randomly closing I think its imperative there is more communication between the players and the staff so that players are willing to trust and contribute to the growth of the site

    5) I think Palia is a MAJOR concern, not adding new Pali, but fixing existing glitches such as the stats, and connecting to the server (another reason that scares off newer players)

    6) Don't make new monthly legendary items, perhaps put the old ones on monthly rotation again with only 1 new one per month in order to allow players to catch up and buy ones they missed while only having to spend 200c to catch up

    7) A personal pet peeve, but the experience system is quite broke, without spending hours and days and weeks there is really no way to level up efficiently for Dusk Forest... I can get 2k exp at most per battle and that's using Double exp stones and my Pali require 800k of exp at level 73/150.

    8) Return the Paladore Forums to what they were... The forums are quite confusing because its more like an Annex than actually being a part of the house

    9) Perhaps a way to 'level up' in Adventures which grants you +10% energy each level (After getting exp for each adventure completed) so that there's a possibility of capturing adventure pali.

    10) A new way to organise pali in the looking glass...This is extremely frustrating as someone trying to create a Pali living dex.

    That's all for now really, I know its a lot though and I expect disagreements, but thanks in general for restoring the site ^_^
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  6. Cadara

    Cadara New Member

    To add to my above comment, Can someone fix fortuna?
    At the current rate of catch (im not being dramatic) It is litterally impossible to catch as it has 1hp.
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  7. Kedi

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  8. mirror

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    Yes, please ban user @naccionetuang , spams everyone's profile comments!!!

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