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What would you most like to see in the PalaLune?

  1. Future Event Sneak Peaks or Info

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  2. Helpful Hints for Game Features

  3. Contests: Writing Contests, Art Contests, ect..

  4. PalaLune Games

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  5. All of the Above!

  1. Daya

    Daya Moderator Staff Member

    Hi everyone! This is you're friendly neighborhood Daya here! For those of you who don't know, I'm the site writer! Recently, we've been having some staff discussions about potentially opening up the PalaLune (Paladore's newspaper) someday. I've come up with a few ideas for what it could contain, and I'd love your feedback or any suggestions you might have to offer!

    Daya's Ideas:

    Main Site News - Submitted by Staff about future events, pali, hints, games, general site content

    Featured Pali/Palapee - Users submit a pali and a user written story about their pali or palapee to be added along with their Pali/Palapee's picture and the owner picture. Story would also be published beneath for everyone to read. (Maybe a trophy and rubies reward? XD)

    PalaLune games: A game would be available in every edition and could vary from paper to paper. Could include: Paladore crossword puzzles, mystery pic, scavenger hunt, any other ideas?

    User submitted stories: General stories about the site or whatever users want to write about. Not about their specific pali or palapees. (Also a reward of some kind)

    User submitted Guides: Specifically written for the Palalune. They would need to be shorter than most previously written forum guides.

    Art contest with winner displayed

    Pali species of the month: Maybe give double xp to that pali species in the rpg during that month

    Mini Releases by Staff: Could be clues to a difficult avatar or a sneak peak of a new pali or event

    Ask the Staff: Ask the staff your burning questions and get answers! Maybe... :p

    Please post any ideas you may also have! I'd love to hear from you guys, and that way we can get started in planning out how this would work.
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  2. Cubexline

    Cubexline Member

    This sounds like a fun addition and would give everyone something to do other than the same thing of rpg/games. I love the idea of contests and games, I'd participate in some of them, just nothing to do with writing for me xD.

    Just a small idea that could be added is user interviews. One random user that enters the drawing to be interview and they would be asked a few questions(like how they found Paladore, favorite ____, etc). My school, I think, did this for their newsletter monthly and it was cool to see the interviews of the students/teachers.
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  3. Tuna

    Tuna Moderator Staff Member

    All of this sounds really good if I had something to add I would but I cant think of anything at the moment! Ahh!! I was thinking maybe adding comics like the ones you see in actual newspapers but I think that kinda goes with the art contest. Lol. Maybe later I can think of something! But Im really looking forward to the puzzles! I love puzzles!! I would love to help in making some!
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