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Should there be a cap for the pricing of items in the marketplace?

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  1. Eva

    Eva New Member

    One of the things that I find frustrating about this site is how many people take advantage of the marketplace. There's not a ton of players so that means there's not a lot of items in the shop/trades. Especially with how many items there are, sometimes it takes me months to complete a quest because either the item isn't available anywhere unless you sit in the palamall or the items is in a user shop but they're charging way overvalue for the item.
    There are a lot of users who take advantage of the market and charge 10k+ for any item no matter what it is. I feel like maybe we should have some kind of limit such as you can only charge up to 2x the value of an item.
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  2. nnybum

    nnybum New Member

    I don't think there needs to be a cap on how much people charge per item. That seems a little too controlling. But Paladore's economy is way out of whack at the moment. I bought a bunch of missing items for my collections the last few days and have, by my choice, spent 10-12k for some lower-rarity items.
    The problem is not many people are selling, not many people are buying, and in general, there aren't even a lot of users on that I've seen.
    And while some items are way over-priced, some are also way under-priced. I've seen many items stock in shops that you can find much cheaper in user shops.
    Once there's more users, things should even out a bit.
    I feel like it's best to let things even out naturally, rather than restrict people on what they can charge for their items.
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  3. Sarah

    Sarah New Member

    I know this topic is a couple months old, but I had a thought on this.
    One factor that contributes to the high prices in user shops that hasn't been addressed yet is the AutoPricer. It's incredibly convenient, but I feel like many users just click the button and don't think about whether those prices are actually reasonable.
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