Long time no see everyone!

Discussion in 'General Life Discussions' started by Cubexline, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Cubexline

    Cubexline Member

    Its been a good few months hasn't it been? How has everyone been? Im curious to know what everyone did while the site was down for the x months its been gone. I'm really hoping this website can bounce back from the spammers and whatnot.

    I've been playing an MMO that recently came back as well from another site, aside from that not much has changed in my life haha. Surely someone here has had a more exciting life than what I've had. :p
  2. tali

    tali Member

    I wasn't active for a long time before it went poof but I'm glad to see its back, hopefully it will recover more of its userbase.
    I've been playing MMORPG's and got a new job which is keeping me busy.
    I will have to find time to nose around Paladore some more though. I think i had a giveaway to honour if i can find the post again!

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