Contest Halloween Event: Art and Writing Contest!

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Will you enter?

  1. I will try the Art Contest!

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  2. Writing Contest for sure!

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  3. I'm gonna do both! B)

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  4. Not this year! But I will enjoy some nice art!

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  1. Tuna

    Tuna Moderator Staff Member

    Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

    To keep the spirit of Halloween alive we're throwing an Art and Writing Contest!
    If you're the creative type and want to show or your art and design skills (or you're interested in receiving fabulous prizes) these are the contests for you!!
    Both contests start from now until the 31st! One winner will be chosen from each contest and the prize is 5k rubies!

    Art Contest:
    Create a work of art that is both Paladore and Halloween themed! This contest is for all mediums excluding writing. Traditional art, digital art, sculptures and anything else you can think of is accepted! Feel free to use your imagination on this one and let your creativity shine!

    Writing Contest:
    Create a work of art that is both Paladore and Halloween themed! This contest is for those of you who do literary works! Poetry, short stories and any of type of writing you can think of is accepted! We want to see you flex those creativity and imagination muscles!

    1. All work must be YOUR OWN WORK. Yes, we do know how to use google and reverse image search. :p Anyone found breaking this rule will be disqualified and warned. (Plagiarism and art theft is not tolerated in the forums.)
    2. Even though this is a Halloween contest, please make sure your work isn't too violent or graphic. If you are unsure you may post it with a spoiler and a staff member can review it.
    3. You may enter both contests, but to keep things fair you may only win once.
    4. Paladore Staff may enter the contest but voting rights are forfeited at the time of entry.

    Entering and Judges:

    To enter, simply reply to this thread with your entry below!

    The judges for the contest will be members of the Paladore Staff!
    Though likes aren't a part of the judging system they are highly encouraged, if you like an entry give it a little shout out! Everyone loves their work to be recognized! :D
    For a little sneak peek into the future, we will also be holding a Paladin Costume Contest! You should probably think about jumping into your Paladin's closet right now as the contest will begin on the 30th of October!

    Also as a reminder, you're still able to complete the Event Day 1: Crossword Puzzle and Event Day 2: Riddle if you haven't started already! The first 10 players to successfully complete all of the games throughout the Halloween Event will earn any Halloween Pali of their choice from previous years! Note: The Art, Writing, and Costume Contest does not count towards the eligibility of Halloween Themed Pali as this is not a part of the games.

    That's all for now, we can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

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  2. Cubexline

    Cubexline Member

    This is my entry for the Art Contest part, its a Grasilla superhero :) :
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