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Discussion in 'User Suggestions & Feedback' started by Cubexline, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Cubexline

    Cubexline Member

    I'm not sure if this is on your guys' agenda of things to do soon, but I was wondering/suggesting that we'd have more forum sections. For example an area to talk about games or movies/tv, or just some/most of the subsections we had in the old forums. No rush to add them, I just hope they are re-added to these new forums :)
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  2. Scarlotta

    Scarlotta Member

    100% support from me!
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  3. Eltafez

    Eltafez Member

    I support this as well. I would like a place where we could play games in the forum, such as "rate the avatar above you" or "post a funny picture".
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  4. Palamania

    Palamania Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, we are just getting the forums set up still. We are currently working on login bugs. We thought it might be wise to wait a little while to add more so we have more members who will use them and the forums won't look dead. Are there any specific forum categories you would regularly participate in? I can add one or two if they will get use. :)
  5. Cubexline

    Cubexline Member

    Maybe a general, non-paladore discussion forum to talk about real life or just anything outside of paladore and/or if anyone else plays PC games(Sims/Minecraft) or other games, I'd like to have a Games forums(not thread games, but for PC/Wii/ETC). But if no one else here does, then the games forums can wait. I think a lot of users would use a general discussion forum, as it can be used to talk about anything for the time being and then later expand into more sub-fourms for different topics such as games, art, movies, etc. As with Eltafez, a "thread games" forum would be fun too, I always used to love those on my other sites I use.

    Edit: Is the new forum good to post in and anything non-paladore related can go there for the time being?
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