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Discussion in 'Giveaways & Contests' started by Cadara, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Cadara

    Cadara New Member

    :eek: Halloween is upon us :eek:

    I thought id kick start my favorite season with a giveaway to the 3 best costumes on Paladore.
    The winner will be Voted for by LIKES on their post below (I am not the judge, you guys are).
    So without further ado, post a pic of your costume, tell us your inspiration, is there a back story?
    Be really creative and don't forget to vote ^_^

    :D1st Place - Ancient Rare Item:D
    :cool:2nd Place - 10,000 Rubies:cool:
    :)3rd Place - 5,000 Rubies:)

    #1 Konman
    #2 Tuna/Eva
    #3 Opulence

    EDIT: Your all winners in my eyes, and the eyes of your peers ^_^ Enjoy your prizes x
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  2. konman001

    konman001 New Member


    This is my black ninja superhero costume. He is a bit like batman, but with significantly less money to fund his adventures. He also doesn't have a signal that gets projected into the sky, and no sidekick or butler. Other than that though...totally similar! :D
  3. Opulence

    Opulence New Member
    I personally found very editorial influences from the underworld. The choice of black is timeless (It slims you down like 2 sizes) - AND It's in the halloween spirit!
    The tinge of red is to add a little dynamic in there you know? The SYMBOLISM
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  4. Tuna

    Tuna Moderator Staff Member

    I'm a fairy princess! :p
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  5. Eva

    Eva New Member

    I'm a Cosmic Fairy, here to grant everyone's wishes!!​
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