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Paladore HQ
News & Announcements
Read up on the latest news and announcements posted by Paladore Staff
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Bugs & Glitches
Post glitches in the Bug Center below:
User Suggestions & Feedback
Post your suggestions and feedback about site features.
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Help Chat
Seek help or ask questions about the world of Paladore.
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Guides & Tutorials
If you're new to Paladore, why not read some of the guides posted here? Or why not make your own guide for other Paladins to follow.
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Old topics and posts will be posted here by our Archive bot to help keep the forums a little bit cleaner.
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Newbies & Introductions
Welcome to Paladore. Feel free to say hi and introduce yourself here!
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General Chat
General discussion of Paladore. Chat about anything to do with Paladore that doesn't relate to the other forums.
Last Post: Is this fourm still used? by Damian002
RPG Palia
Discuss the RPG Palia here, including Battle Tips, Questing and more!
Last Post: Looking for Pali? Need one trained? Comment here! :D by Kedi
Buying & Selling
Got an item to sell? Want to advertise your shop? Or are you looking to buy a rare jewel? Here is the place to do it. This is for items only!
Last Post: Buying Charms! by Sarah
Pali Trading
If you want to buy, sell or trade a Pali, this is the place to post.
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Premium Chat
Premium Members can use this forum to chat about Premium Features, Beta testing and tournaments!
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Giveaways and Contests
Want to hold a contest? Or hold a random giveaway? Here is the place to do it
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Bragging & Complaining
Did you just receive a super rare item? Or did you just lose 20% of your rubies to some lame event? Post it all here!
Last Post: Internet problems :/ by Thunderbird

What are you currently listening to? What is making you wiggle your hiney? Discuss music here!
Last Post: Band by Rusty
TV, Movies & Media
Chat about your favourite shows and movies here
Last Post: Favorite Disney Movies? by zanderwolf
Read a good book recently? Were the plots daedal enough for you? Discuss your favourite novels here.
Last Post: Favorite Book/Series by Pink_Madness
Computer/Online Gaming
Talk about all forms of games- MMORPGs, FPSs, Sim games on any platform.
Last Post: Minecraft by Cubexline
Internet and Technology
The internet always has something to offer bored young minds, so discuss your favourite websites here.
Last Post: Poke heroes by Thunderbird
Roleplay any type of scenario here - the sky is the limit!
Last Post: Paladore Related RP? by Dashy

Creative Area
Art & Graphics Design
Traditional or Digital, all artists are welcome here
Last Post: Zander's art - constructive critism welcome by Dashy
If you like writing poems or novels or short-stories, this forum is for you!
Last Post: Majora's Mask & The Five Stages of Grief by Thunderbird
Web Programming
PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, ROR, XML and all those other abbreviations- web programming is here!
Last Post: Any fellow coders here? by Callum

Social Area
General Life
Anything and everything to do with the world we live in today.
Last Post: What do you do for a living? by DreamBaby
Debate, Don't Hate
Mature debate on any topic you like. Please remember to read the rules when trying to prove a point
Last Post: Old or New music? by zanderwolf
Advice and Questions
Need some advice? Or do you have some questions that you would like answered? Post them here.
Last Post: Ear Wax by LonelyRyu

Athena Academy, where we fight with the courage and strategy of the goddess of wisdom.
Last Post: Rising to the top! Share your stats by Kaori
Dionysus Academy squashing the foe like the grape beneath the foot. *hick*
Last Post: Go for Gold... then let's celebrate! by Elowen
Helios Academy shall rise like the morning sun. Show your potential and burn a bright path towards the future.
Last Post: Helios Chat by cloudwilk
Hades Academy, where we lay the competition to rest.
Last Post: Something Good *winks* by Vankier

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