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Oddora (85)

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Thu Aug 06 2015 ~ 3:47:34am (60989)
I could use some help.My daughter has wax build up in her ear that seems to be stuck.I used over the counter ear wax removal and it doesn't seem to be helping.I took her to the doctor and they keep telling me to use the over the counter ear wax removal or they can flush it out.Problem is i took her to the doctors for the second time and they keep telling me this instead of just flushing it out.So now this has been going on for 6 months and her ear is starting to hurt.Any ideas of quickly removing the wax?


ikustim (1,335)

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Wed Aug 26 2015 ~ 6:24:04pm (61264)
im not quite sure, but my brother went to the doctor and had his ear flushed out and it helped him.
hope this helps .


LonelyRyu (566)

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Fri Aug 28 2015 ~ 2:17:21am (61268)
Take her to a different doctor who will help you, explain explicitly that the over-the-counter stuff is not working and be firm about having it flushed out.

Don't let these doctors keep giving you the brush-off.

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